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  • Self-feeding

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    haha Mel... I see you're gearing up for the next "challange"...

    From my personal experience, of course with my own child; there is no need to rush into this. She'll eventually learn to pick up spoon when she starts to discover they way the adults eat and how everytime you feed her with a spoon. When she's ready to explore that "peculiar " skilll she will snatch the spoon away from you.

    When she's very keen using her spoon, guiding her, holding her bowl for her and definitely cleaning up is inevitable. She'll only coordinate well as she grows older when her motor skill is more refined. I guess you can teach her the correct way to hold a spoon to start.

    I didn't use any kind of mat at all. May be because I didn't even think about placing anykind of mat anywhere. Perhaps those mothers who have been using one can comment on that.

    Given if I am to know there's such mat, I wouldn't use one either. 1'stly for a small mat, I wouldn't think it's practical at all. 2ndly for a big mat which you may have to strategically lay it on the floor, I would think it's a pain in the neck everytime you have to pick up this mat when doing your routine sweeping/vacumming and mopping. Like you said, may be not that she decides to catapult the food; but sometimes accident may happen and no one can tell you where the mess will end up.

    For minimum mess, I'll still feed her while she's also "feeding" herself ( there is always the element of "play" when it comes to feeding herself). Also it's faster that way to complete her meal........ haha.
    Else, a quick mop of the floor for bigger mess.
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        The bumper playmat is a spongy material and I think it isn't suitable to put a highchair on it. Try floormats (Spotlight) they can cut to size some have non-slip back.


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            Hi Mel!

            My SIL started letting my niece feed herself with a spoon when she was about 15-16 months old. She decided to let her feed herself when she saw how interested my niece was in using the spoon. Now at almost 2 years old, she still makes A LOT of mess during feeding times and needs assistance with soup.

            Personally, I think there isn't a need to rush into things if your baby isn't ready so I would wait till she really shows signs of readiness. I am happy enough that Emily can feed herself biscuits and other finger food

            As for cleaning up, I think I'll just lay newspapers around her high chair. Comes cleaning time, I will just scrunch up the newspaper and throw it away


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              My girl started to try and feed herself with a spoon after she was one year old. We let her eat rice, so it is not very messy, just got rice stuck all over her clothes. By the time she was 15 - 16 months old, she was very good at feeding herself. In restaurants we will give her a bowl of rice and she will sit there and scoop everything clean with her spoon. But for her main meals of porridge we still feed her because she doesn't like porridge very much.

              I think bowls with suction base will be very helpful. At first I always have to hold the bowl in case it fell onto the floor, but I could not find those with suction base.


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                Think easiest would be just to put lots of newspapers around the high chair.

                Cae started "trying" to use the spoon when she was about a year. She just kept wanting to grab the spoon from me when I was feeding her porridge so at the end of the meal when there was only a little left in the bowl, I gave her the spoon and she kept scooping up the leftovers and trying to put the spoon into her mouth. But the spoon was always held sideways so needless to say, not much was transferred between bowl and mouth


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                  I don't subscribe to newspapers (where got time to read! :lol ) so I just quickly wipe up the floor

                  you can get those cheap IKEA shower curtains (less than 5 bucks) and cut up. they've got nice colours and patterns, nicer than plastic tablecloth anyday

                  R's been into a bout of food strike followed by self feeding. she started wanting to use the spoon abt 11 mths... with help putting spoon in hand she can aim for her mouth and empty the contents. try with something stickier like thicker cereal or less watery porridge.

                  self finger feeding is a real mess. she likes to empty the whole plate on herself if i'm not watching...

                  btw bowls with suction bases are of absolutely no use. somehow even after i position it carefully, even testing and tugging at it to make sure it won't move, she can still manage to dislodge it easily. worst thing is if she pulls forceully, everything will FLY.... take my word for it... it's one of the useless things i bought, except for the fact that she likes to use the removable suction base as a teether because it's a little rubbery....


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                    Thank you ladies for all the invaluable advice- much appreciated! :D