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  • oatmilk

    what are the benefits of drinking oatmilk daily?

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    Love oatmilk myself and was curious to its properties (never stopped to question it before). Here's what I found from a study done by The Royal Australian College Of General Practitioners:

    " It was proposed that the high content of beta glucans in oat milk was responsible for the decreased plasma cholesterol and LDL cholesterol concentrations, but the effect could also be due to replacement in the diet of saturated fat by unsaturated fat. Oat milk may be used as an alternative to other milk drinks by subjects who would benefit from reduced LDL cholesterol values."



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      where do they sell oat milk? And how much would it cost?


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        heard it has whitening effect too?? is it true??


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          I'm not sure if this is accurate, but I found it off a website I googled.

          Oat Milk
          Oat milk is simple to make at home:
          Take a large jug, fill one third with oats and two thirds with water.
          Mix it up a bit and leave it overnight. In the morning sieve the mixture to remove the residue and you should be left with a milky liquid. Drink this.
          The remaining oats can also be put to good use - if mixed with couscous, herbs and garlic to taste, they can be used to make vegeburgers too.

          Can anyone verify if this is real?


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            oat milk can be bought in supermarkets and organic stores and its very healthy and good for the skin too.


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              how does it taste? do you have to mix it with anyting else before drinking?


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                it taste very natural and a bit like soya milk but a bit nicer and you can drink it just like that or you can also mix it with your corn flakes and fruits .