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    Hi ladies, i need help in find 4 gd looking men for my company's event!! N nope, don't worry this is not a match making business or anything scandalous, it's all clean & professional.

    Aniwae, my company is doing a gala dinner to celebrate the great singaporean women from the various fields. So we have 18 distingushed guests for that evening and they?re all women.

    We?re looking for 4 tall (170cm & abv), gd looking men from the age of 23 ? 30 to escort these ladies to the grand ballroom during their entrance n then to escort them to the stage n then bk to their seats ? like how it is during the Charity shows. So it?s actually pretty simple work. I?m currently getting a pool of guys n from there my editor n advertising director will shortlist the 4 men.

    The gala dinner is in middle Nov but we also have a rehearsal dinner. We would need the men to be there for both evenings if they are selected to be one of our 4 men. We don?t have much budget for this so for both evenings we can afford about $70 ? 80 per guy. Do let me know asap if any of your handsome guy friends are interested in doing it. Kindly PM me their contacts and i will get in touch with them to provide more information. Will also need a clear, focused pic of them for the selection process. Thank you!!