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    Just very upset.. i sent a package through UPS to the states a few days ago and UPS has lost the package..does anyone have the same experience before?

    Did they find the package in the end?

    Do tell..

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    UPS will track all their packages and will compensate you if it's lost.


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      Actually, the documents that i placed in the mail are very important. That's why i decided to UPS them. Sometimes its not just a matter of compensation.

      I just want to warn fellow cotters that courier companies might not be that reliable and next time to track all their shipments carefully.


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        How careful can you be? They give you a tracking number and all you can do it check with their system and the person receiving the documents. I just use the Singpost courier service and make copies of all documents I send out. I don't take chances where important documents are concerned. You can't trust any of them. I had DHL send a computer to Sydney once. I didn't receive it until 3 weeks later because they couldn't clear customs for me. And it was in Sydney 2 days after pickup. I'm never trusting any of those again.


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          Alas, my own predictions came through again. I used Speedpost to courier some documents to Sydney. Very important documents. After 3 days still not a trace. I wonder if I will get my money back. Good thing I made photocopies and I will be there myself next week so worst case scenario is that I sign the papers myself in person. But I would have lost a week of processing time that is crucial for my work.