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David Tao [LOVE CAN WORLD TOUR 2005]

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  • David Tao [LOVE CAN WORLD TOUR 2005]

    Asian Top R&B Artiste Brings LOVE to Singapore
    David Tao [LOVE CAN WORLD TOUR 2005]

    Following the highly successful world concert tour in 2004, top R&B artiste David Tao will thrill music lovers with an exclusive one-night concert at Singapore Indoor Stadium on 26 November!

    After a two-year wait, David Tao finally returns with the much awaited [LOVE CAN WORLD TOUR 2005] which promises a brand new music experience never imagined!

    Don?t miss a night of world-class performance as David brings you on an extraordinary trip down his music paradise with favourite hits such as ?愛很簡單?, ?飛機場的10:30?, ?黑色柳丁?, ?普通朋友?, ?Melody? and ?愛我還是愛她? , topped with remarkable visual, stage and audio effects in this highly-anticipated concert!

    Standard - S$168, S$138, S$108, S$78

    26 Nov 2005 (Sat), 8.00 PM

    (i think the tickets are quite expensive)

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    Ahh...!!! another one of my fav!!! Geez...... I'm gonna be so broke. MayDay or David Tao??


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      My fav also, other than Lee Hom

      i watched his last concert hehe..
      but the price is quite expensive now :wow:


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        so excited!! i like his singing alot..the last time i went to catch his free performance at Expo it was very good.. ..


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          His tickets are about $15 more expensive than the norm.
          I like him too. But can't bear to splurge on this.


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            I think his tickets are expensive. For a $108 ticket, seats are at the back tiers. The side seats at $148. Sheese...