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    hey new here...and im getting married too in 6mths..
    JUst any of you feel uninspired sometimes when planning ur big day???
    On some daysss...i just dont know what to do think about...untill i flip through some mag and
    surf the net. Another gf of mine is also getting hitched and thats good so we can talk abt ideas and stuff. Any one of u ladies feel the same way or im just weird?????

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    have a plan listed down - your to do list
    talk to your to be hubby on what to do.
    there are tons of information around so it isnt difficult
    have fun!


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      my wedding was just over last sat! we had great fun on that day

      initially i also had feelings like i dunno what need to be done and when.. but after surfing the wedding websites, u will have a better ideas of how to proceed and best part, is that u have other ladies doing almost the same stuff as u!


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        purplecurlz: I was like you too!! When both my BF and me decided to get married, we were so clueless and at a loss on what to do so we came up with a list and started gathering more info by reading up bridal mags, bridal forums and asking for advice. Go to these forums for more info:

        - Female Brides Online
        - Singapore Wedding
        - Style Wedding
        - Singapore Brides



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          hi purplecurlZ, you're not weird! I'm getting married in about 7 months time too and I've not done anything! Only got the date from church and that's about all that I've done! Have not seriously looked around for a gown yet.

          Like you, I was very lost and didn't know what to do after SO proposed. We were on a hoilday when he proposed and I refused to plan the wedding during our holiday as I don't want to be stressed out just by thinking about the things that I have to do.

          What's important is to have a discussion with your SO, at least talk about what kind of wedding you would like to have, how much you're willing to spend. It is also important to sound both sets of parents on what they expect the wedding to be. Some friends of mine assumed their parents are very easy going and won't need them to do this and that but as the date grew nearer, the parents wanted them to do certian things and things were rather chaotic. Although it's supposed to be our wedding and it should be ideally be done the way we like it, we should still consider the feelings of our loved ones. Afterall, without them, we won't be at where we are today.


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            hey guys thanks for all the golden words...actually im almost done with all the planning just need to
            book the venue only and see a few more clothers, get no im not done yet..hehhee..
            the thing SO..hes not not local and he always has this phrase the 'im not local so i dont know this ans that'...hes been saying that for like 5yrs!! I burned out on him twicealready since we got engaged....then he starts to get his bump off n then 5mins later...his bump is back where it was...hahaha..
            ohh well..guess i have to accept him as he is coz i said yes...heheh.other than that hes sucha darling!!
            Lucky ive got friends that planning marriages too.....hehehe..did i already mention that...


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              Hi Purple,

              I feel the same as you. Wedding in 5 months' time, fiance is angmoh and not even physically here to help me with planning. Some days I'm so excited, and some days I dun wan to think about it at all. It can get quite hard discussing details over the phone, and getting him to understand some chinese customs and culture I take for granted. He is still stressed over the 200 guests we gonna have ( a normal sized wedding in Oz is apparently 60-80 people?) and how to afford it (he can't grasp the angpow concept).

              Anyway I thought I had everything done (venue and bridal shop booked, shoes bought, AD video&photographer booked, cake booked) and was happy until was a bit demoralising for me as I couldnt find the gown I like at the bridal shop I signed up with, and the consultant was pushing me to get OTR even though I have MTM in my package...I'm disappointed as I thought my first gown fitting will be an exciting, happy and easy affair! Now I'm afraid the designer/tailor will do a bad job on my MTM! Sighhh...

              Oh no, I think I'm feeling worse than u...Got to snap out of this and think of the wonderful man I'm going to marry.....


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                Don't let the designer bully you into taking an OTR one since you paid for a MTM package! they're just plain lazy and taking easy way out!

                Flip through magazines, go to other boutiques to try on their OTR gowns and take mental note of what looks good on you and what you like or dislike. Then find pictures of what you like, rip it out and show it to your deisgner and discuss with him. If he tells you this or that can't be done, ask him for alternatives and what else he can do to achieve the effect you want, but don't let him run down your ideas! HTH


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                  Ha!! Talk about getting bullied, i did! I was only 21 yo when i married hb and i paid $5k for my bridal package back then. And the gown i got? TERRIBLE!! It was so horrible that whenever i look at my wedding photos, i feel so so sad Makes me feel like wanting to get married all over again and for once, look like a princess instead of some @#$%

                  I really HATE my MTM gown, my hairdo, my MTM shoes, my make up! And the bridal shop i went to, was supposed to be one of the best in town, NOT! Think i really got bullied coz other 'grown up' women's gowns looked so pretty and mine sucks. I was talked into getting a simple one, (although i did tell her what i wanted for my dream gown but i was talked down) reason: so that i'll feel more comfortable with my movements on my big day

                  I was so so silly then and so naive, just agreed on everything she suggested. sigh. Plus the fact that i had no friends here at all, not to mention my family as well to go with me and give me ideas. Went on my own. Felt that i was being intimidated then coz whenever i disagreed on something she suggested, she would go black face/ unhappy

                  Definitely an event which i would like to forget. It was that bad
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                    cherie dear,

                    Dont be so sad.... You mind telling us the bridal shop name? Or you can PM me.



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                      sounds like a horrible experience! my friends warned me about some designers who are high and mighty and will talk down to customers. So friend warned me to be firm about what I want. And if need be, be a nasty bitch!

                      would you mind sharing which boutique it is that gave such horrible service? $5k is alot for packages a few years back, erm, am assuming it's at least 3 years back since your lovely children are already 2-3 years old, plus you don't look that old when I saw you at the flea market at Tanglin.


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                        Thanks dear I've PMed you

                        Shazzerlyn, yeah, it was totally horrible. Read some posts here in this wedding thread. Saw that some cotters have nothing but raves for them actually. The boutique is famous for its 'Swasroski crystal". They stressed to customers that they use their crystals for this and that but if u were to see me on my wedding day, u'll be like huh, what crystals? The accessories they gave was too! Looked like those few dollars necklace u can buy from markets, put together with 'yu sian', the transparent strong plastic-ky thread. And as for the MU artist, Livia aka Neko does a better job than her

                        My wedding was 4 years back. Didn't know i still can look 1 year younger these days

                        Actually i still have a MTM evening gown which i didn't made but already paid for it. She told me i can go back anytime to do it after my wedding but the thing is, i now realised they didn't issue me a black and white receipt stating that they still me owe me an evening gown. What i was given was promises by mouth only. Still thinking whether should i go back to 'demand' for my unmade wedding gown or not

                        Sorry for ranting away.. can't keep it down


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                          I think you still deserve to go back to do it! you paid for it my dear!

                          an evening gown is worth a few hundred dollars if you buy off the rack. since you paid for it, just go and make it! If they claimed to have no records, your pictures will be a good indication or record. Can threaten to go to Case too if they don't honour their services.

                          My take is that even if you don't need the evening gown now, you should still go back and demand a nice one done up for future occassions! Since they did a horrible job and bullied you the last time, and you're more experienced now, you'll be able to instruct them on making the dream evening gown you want this time round.


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                            Yeah, i think most prob i'll go back to deal with it for once and for all.. after i lose another 3kg!

                            This time round, i'm sure to bring friends over! 'Garang' friends that is!

                            Thanks dearie for listening to my rant.. haha. So OT already!