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diving as a career?

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  • diving as a career?

    any interested or thought of being a dive instructor or a dive master?

    anyone wanna learn diving? i jus started my course, really addicted to diving.... it's jus so peaceful n beautiful under water....

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    I'll be learning soon.. within these 3 months

    Where do u go?


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      My fren is a diving instructor and is currently working to be a dive master. He quitted his job to be a full-time diving instructor in Thailand a few years ago but I guess the money is not that good so he is back in Spore to his old line. I guess being a full time instructor is not easy as during the monsoon seasons, there will be less work and hence, less $$. He is happy now with a good pay and working as a part-time instructor.


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        wow not an easy job i would said, i had a friend who dive professionally, he worked as a marine biologist in overseas for 6 years. For every deep dive, and it is really like 50m or 100 m down, he get like USD 100 every trip down and on top of that he get a fixed of not-too-small an amount.

        But he is sick of diving day in and out and he is still single hahaha but now he is a personal diving instructor to some rich man in France.

        Anyway there is a thread of scuba diving here

        for leisure though, i hate getting tanned