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Drinking early in the Noon... like 3pm?

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  • Drinking early in the Noon... like 3pm?

    Anyone drinks alcohol in the early noon?
    I know its kinda weird but for alcoholics like me,
    drinking in the noon isnt too bad when you need to leave for home early!

    Most recent place i've been to was Rouge at Peranakan Place, not bad but expensive!

    Anyone knows of places with reasonable prices and nice ambience for early dirnking please share!

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    Bala opens at 3pm, all hotel lobby serves alcohol whole day. There is this cafe at East Coast also serves alcohol early together with breakfast. In fact almost all the beach bar along East Coast serves alcohol from early. My earliest record is 7am.


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      China Square has LOADS of nice waterholes with great lunch specials! Prices are really good too, like 7 for beer and even 5bucks for housepours!


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        oh cool thanks for the recommendations girls!


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          i dun drink in the mid of the day...but lots of ang moh do so..


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            Bugis, InterContinental Singapore's lounge opens early too. During happy hour, its 1 for 1! Very nice place for relaxing and chit chatting.


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              so long as you don't do it so often. i prefer drinking in the day too but can't find many drinking kakis* i drink only wine or champagne though, not much of a hard liquor person and i hate beer


              ps. oh yes i do like Intercon's lounge. the wine selection is not bad too