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  • How do you shop?

    Hi ladies,

    Out of curiosity, how do you shop? I mean when it comes to shopping, I find myself buying stuffs that my friends recommend. Not very adventurous, I reckon, when I come to skin care products. Even for makeup, clothes and accessories, I tend to buy those that are featured in magazines or mentioned in CC.

    How is your shopping pattern like? Do your friends influence your choice, or do you like to be different and be the first in your group to own the newest style? Oh, and how much and how often do you shop?

    Please share!

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    have u been lurking alot here?

    i like to shop alone, serious i tend to buy funny/weird stuff, call me the deviated shopper oh yes, cheap & good also can apply too.

    i can think alot before getting an item , the malls & retailers sure hate me!!!
    i spend relatively little on each item as my turnover quite high. unless on more perennial bags.


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      I also prefer shopping alone just in case you buy anything which is same as your friends and alot of problem will occurs and stuffs...

      Normally I'll walk around and then see which one i like... and I'll consider for awhile and will went back to the place to get it if i really love it alot~

      Kinda troublesome though~ but at least I wont anything spend and also get the things i really love. hee!!!


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        I shop only with my SO or my best buddy (who's male). This way, I won't be 'fighting' with them over the same item! I don't fancy shopping in a group... too many 'cooks' spoil the broth, if you get my drift!

        If I like something, I'll just grab it. Don't like the feeling of the item being OOS by the time I decide to get it! Maybe that's why my wardrobe overflows all the time

        I shop daily, which is something I'm trying to cut down on, as my SO is complaining that I spend way too much! Have to save for wedding, hehe.


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          usually i shop alone or with my fashion guru, the SO.

          shop alone cos' i can walk for very long without getting tired at all. but if i were to shop with friend(s) then i have to consider whether they can endure that journey with me.

          and SO is a very good shopping companion and i'll usually heed his advice.


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            How come u gals love shopping with SOs? I dislike shopping with all my previous exes even if they dont mind. cos normally i would just hurridly get my stuff as i feel bad making em wait. So i prefer to shop alone or with one or two friends. Im not those tt's very fussy about buying the same items as my friends. cos it's not like we will wear em out the same time. But one of my friends is like tt and will make remarks like warning me not to get the item she wanna get. Anyway, nowadays i seldom go to brick and motar stores to shop anymore as the clothes in those retail stores in Singapore are rather generic. I prefer online shopping!! But if i really wanna go out and shop, shopping alone is the best cos i can take my own sweet time.


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              Yeah, i love shopping with my SO too.. Cos he not only tells me the truth about whether i look good in the top/bottom or not, he'll also do a very thorough QC (i.e. loose threads, defective zipper, missing embellishments etc) for me if i decide to buy it! Cos sometimes i can get so excited about buying new stuff that i neglect the QC part. Plus, if he really feels that i look very nice in it, he'll pay for me sometimes too.. My SO can be a pretty critical person, so it's good that he gives me his opinion..

              Maybe cos my SO's in the design field.. So to him, they won't all "look the same" the way they do to most guys as he observes all the different details & stitching etc..

              Other than that, i shop with my bestie.. But most of the time, i tend not to buy much whenever i'm shopping with my bestie or my SO cos they'll keep a rein on my impulse buys. But when they're not around, it's a totally different story altogether!

              When i'm shopping alone, i can go really crazy.. I usually buy what i like on the spot.. Or if i'm not too sure about whether i really like it or whether the price's worth it, i'll reserve it first & go home to think about it. If i find that i keep thinking about it, i'll go back to get it eventually (but without my SO/bestie's knowledge). Whereas if i'm shopping with my SO or bestie, i tend not to dare to buy so much..


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                i can never shop alone!

                cause before i buy something, i need the re-affirmation from my friends that the clothes really look good on me.

                i am not sure about you girls, but shopping takes a different meaning when one is attached. as in, what i look out for when i am shopping, tends to be different when i am attached and when i am single. example: my ex love me in skirts, so i found myself shopping for skirts only!

                and shopping with SO is good, cause you know the clothes look good when you see their eyes really light up.


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                  sometimes i shop alone or with my mom..

                  if with my mom, we will also split up coz i dont really like wasting my time looking at her stuff..

                  i don't really like to shop with girlfriends, coz our dressing is different. when i go out with them, i prob end up not buying anything.

                  furthermore, i would be the one following instead of shopping.
                  Gotta wait for them try clothes.. give opionion, etc, etc.. also, difficult to go see the things i like.


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                    On the opposite side, I normally end up not buying anything when I shop with my SO. He dreads shopping and rather i go shopping with my gfs or myself. Also my taste of clothes are so different from his taste. So asking him for opinion always make me end up vomit blood :p

                    I realised also that I tend to buy more things when I shop alone. Ha ha impusive buying I guess.


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                      I think all girls are often prone to impulsive buying!!! I'm one classic example

                      I also agree with navygal that when you're attached, you tend to shop more for stuff that you know your SO will like to see you in.. I find myself a little like that sometimes too.. But one thing that i've never gotten around to buying even though i know my SO loves it is dresses!!!


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                        i'm more prone to impulsive buys through online shopping.


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                          I window shop with my gal pals but when it comes to paying money for shopping, I prefer to shop alone. I don't need comments on my way of dressing (my dressing's kind of weird anyway). Most importantly, I must feel comfortable in the clothes.

                          I'm so prone to impulse purchases too. There are so many clothes at home which are unworn and I don't think they are nice anymore.


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                            erm... I shop like... a man?

                            See, grab, pay!


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                              I don't do impluse shopping.

                              Usually, I'd go shopping with my SO. Then even if I see something I like, I will have to go home to think through if I really want that item. If I still am thinking about it like 3 days later, then I'd go back to the store to buy it.

                              That's because in the past, I did buy things that I had never used before. Eg. a pair of beige shoes for $35. I couldn't find anything to match the shoes with. In the end, kept it with me for 2 years & never worn it at all. In the end, donated it to charity.

                              However, I hate to shop in physical stores because of the snooty attitudes of most SAs here. Thus, I love shopping online, especially at eBay.