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Anyone flat footed ?

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  • Anyone flat footed ?

    I am flat footed, but all along I have no problem walking and running. But lately my feet seems to hurt very much, especially after I walk for long distances. Anyone has the same problem ? Any idea if anything can be done to help ?

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    You can get specially made shoes or orthotic inserts - I can't remember the name but I saw a stall advertising these in Bugis once. If I find it I'll post the name.

    This may be hereditary, but usually poses no problems for kids. If your kids seem flat-footed, just buy shoes that have the appropriate support. As they are still growing, their foot will remodel appropriately if put in the right shape. HTHS.


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      can find a whole range of orthopaedic appliances here...

      I think the shop Danae was talking abt is 2ft Orthotic, i've seen them around in shopping malls, click here for go enquiries.


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        Thanks ladies


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          Yupsie. Thx Vel! It was just at the tip of my tongue. I think it sucks to have to buy the inserts - they cost a bomb. But it's better in the long run cos' not only do your feet ache, you can get spine problems from that as well. Not a biggie for kids nowadays - parents usually notice it and put them in the right shoes so they grow up alright.


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            I'm flat-footed on my left foot. Took me years to finally understand why I keep spraining my ankle. I've done some research. It seems that all babies are born flat-footed. They kinda develop the arch after they start learning how to walk.

            Can someone with very young children at home verify on that?


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              Young children do have *flatter* arches than adults, but hereditary flat-foot is the absence of an arch altogether. Unless special care is taken to put those kids into the right shoes, they grow up totally flat-footed. Being hunter-gatherers most humans are not engineered to grow up flat-footed.


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                My daughter's feet seems quite flat, I thought she inherited from me. I haven't noticed my son's, because he only just started walking, need to go home and check.


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                  orthotic inserts should be used asap before you can backaches and etc...


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                    Tamarind, maybe u can try this exercise: Stand on an elevated surface, with only the outer half of your foot on the surface. Then try to raise the inner part of your foot, and then lower it. Do 3 sets of 10. See if it helps.


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                      Hi Tamarind,

                      I am a flat foot too. Not much of a problems during my teenage years. However, now I take care in selecting the type of shoes I buy. Most of the fashionable shoes like charles and keith are out for me. Got to invest in better shoes- at least brands like scholl, Clarks etc. Even Hush puppies, which is supposed to be comfortable is not good enough.

                      I suggest you try to invest in a good comfy pair of shoes for a try. Those inserts are fantastic, but sometimes may not be practical-esp when we want to look pretty in strappy sandals etc.

                      The Clarks' shop at Suntec (level 2), have pretty good service and can advise you on what shoes may be suitable for you.



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                        I still haven't got backaches yet, but my inner feet felt quite painful, so yes better do something fast.

                        Thanks for the suggestion, will try it out.

                        I was also lemming for Charles & Keith, but the shoes are so narrow, don't know how people fit into them. I have been wearing Clarks shoes for a few years, sad to say they didn't help. I just bought a pair of KUMFS, with the orthodic insert, my feet feels better now, but funny thing is now it is my heels that hurts, don't know why.


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                          a family friend recommended my mum, who had been having some pain in her foot (from standing through so many years of teaching!) to a podiatrist, Helen Crawford from the Osteopathy & Podiatry Centre at Tanglin Shopping Centre #05-19; Tel: 67344236.

                          she gave my mum advice on what kind of shoes to wear - basically padded ones mostly from Nike and Reebok cos their soles will shape your feet, thus cushioning your feet from pain. also she made my mum two pairs of insoles for her shoes.

                          consultation was $75 and the insoles cost additional but all in all, it was a fruitful meeting. my mum doesn't complain of pain anymore and she is happily dishing out the podiatrist's contacts to others who have got a similar problem to hers.

                          hope it helps!


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                            Thanks for your info !


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                              Just like to share with you gals that I have just visited my podiatrist as I have bunions problem and due to years of wearing heels I am starting to experience ache pains.

                              Anyway, he strongly recommend to get Kumfs. I am saving money to get one of their shoe and I still need to get a customised insole and it is not cheap.