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Any one heard of rolfing?

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  • Any one heard of rolfing?

    Some kinda treatment for ppl with backaches and stuffs. Heard its very painful as well.
    anyone tried b4? comments? reviews?

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    Hi....I've gone for rolfing.

    I find it useful in reducing my backaches and improving my for whether it's painful...hmm, to me its still acceptable. Usually the rolfer will ask if you find it painful, if its painful, they'll reduce the intensity...


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      I've tried another form of bodywork which incorporates rolfing, called Zentherapy. Decided to give my body an overhaul and went for regular sessions for just over 1 year.

      Getting rid of gunk in your muscles can be painful. Depends very much on how much can you take pain. But the thing is, it is only painful because your muscle isn't functioning normally. Otherwise, it wouldn't have hurt at all. IMO, the pain is worth it. My posture can visibly change in each session.

      What I then started to look for is something which I can do at home to help myself as well rather than go running to the therapist everytime something feels off, which is very often because my office furniture doesn't fit me that well I don't earn that kind of money yet to see a therapist as and when I want it

      I found this ball set called the Elaine Petron's Miracle Ball from major bookstores here, usually at the sports or exercise section. costs $30+. Follow the simple instructions. This has given me great relief for tight back muscles.

      And better yet, after miracle ball, I stumbled onto another body-therapy system using balls called Yamuna Body Rolling, you can google for it. This is like DIY deep tissue massage which realigns the body at the same time. This one is amazing. after i tried it, I can see how it can simulate similar results as bodywork as well. PM me if you want more details, I love my instructor

      Personally, I would liken hands-on bodywork like rolfing to instant change.
      I'm taking on body-rolling as maintenance work, it can produce similar results with less pain but at a slower pace.



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        Heard of it. I read in a mag the total number of rolfers worldwide doesn't exceed 2 or 3 thousand, IIRC.

        How much does a session cost? Is it safe for preggies, btw?


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          yea, I'm interested to know how much is it and where is it available? Does it correct bow shaped legs?