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Study on smoking habits

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  • Study on smoking habits

    came across this..just wondering if anybody would be interested. Seems like easy money to me. Too bad im a non-smoker..

    Would you like to earn $140 CASH just by watching TV, playing Xbox, or even simply sleeping? If you do, read on!

    As long as you are a regular smoker aged between 20 and 65 living in Singapore, National University Hospital (NUH) would like you to participate in a short study on smoking.

    The study would take up less than 15 hours of your time. Throughout the study, all three meals will be provided free-of-charge. TV, Xbox, beds, tables, sofas, magazines etc will be provided for your total relaxation.

    The good catch here is that you will be paid INSTANT COLD HARD CASH of $140 before you even leave for home!

    Picture this: Report in the morning, sleep/watch tv/listen to music/play Xbox for the whole day, and go home in the evening with $140 more in your pocket!

    What are you waiting for? Spread the word around! Come along with all your friends and make the easy money together!

    Call Marc at 94501170 to know more and fix an appointment. Easy cash on the spot!