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Hari Raya/Deepavali Week

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  • Hari Raya/Deepavali Week

    Anyone travelling over the Hari Raya Deepavali Week and where?
    It's 2 public hols in a week!!!

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    I'll be going to Bangkok and Pattaya for some serious shopping, feasting and spas!


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      SO having some silly BBQ and chalet with that's where i'll be


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        No sure my SO will be working or not. planned to book a 2D/1N chalet but kinda ex...


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          i'll be going to a 3 day business seminar @ sentosa!


          but i think got free hotel stay *consolation*


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            i applied off on that Mon but no plan to go anywhere, wasted too

            maybe to BKK after seeing Snowy's shoes but not motivated enough to book & DH prefers further destination. OMG, what day l.iao, sure too late to book to anywhere


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              vernis : last i checked, jetstar still has tics available to bkk

              to all: imo, it is still possible to get tics to bkk for eg. just have to travel transit flights (eg finnair, turkish air), i got mine @ one of the ulu travel agencies @ peoples' park complex last year

              ps: ulu means deserted/isolated


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                Thanks i may see how towards month end

                i don't mind going BKK just for some food & shoes-hunting, sounds silly

                i have family commitment thus i can't book way advance i had sleepless nights before my last trip, no joke, unrestful rest each night


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                  I will be going Japan for my honeymoon during that week just returned from Phuket yesterday from a massage filled holiday!


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                    massage trip must have been heaven

                    are u doing DIY in Japan? oh no, week is drawing near & i still drawing blank where to go. heard that would be the start of school holidays


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                      depressing topic, will be working even on public hols i think since nothing better to do at sucks...dont dare to take leave because taking a 2 weeks block leave in Dec..arghhh...


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                        actually brought up this topic coz me n SO not sure what we wanna do over that weekend. Hoping we'll come across some magnificant suggestion.

                        Apologise if that made you depressed linggy

                        maybe rent a car & roam around s'pore?


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                          haha dont be silly, just want to rant abit i guess...will be coming back to work most probably, maybe my boss will give some bonus hahaha *dreaming*

                          hope everyone have a fabulous golden week!!


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                            SO is in China for that whole week.
                            no one will be accompanying me


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                              how many of you out there have the whole week off?