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  • Nepal

    Hey cotters!

    Anyone planning to head to Nepal? I'm thinking of going over there in dec coz I've heard tons about cheap handicrafts(ethnic bags,shoes,clothing,accessories.Am a sucker for those) and also the breathtaking scenery.

    And how do I get to Nepal?I know no airlines fly direct so do I have to take a domestic flight or something?

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    nepal air lines fly direct and some flights is via KL. but nepal airlines often strikes though. u can try thai airline which fly via bangkok.


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      I was looking through Misa and they had a Nepal tour package at around $1.5k which I think was pretty good for value but it's gone now.


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        I am very keen to visit Nepal in Spring, April/May. But am rather cautious about the political situation. Any podders visited Nepal recently? Any comments or advise?


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          Suddenly wanted to go Nepal for a break next year in Feb or Mar. But still looking for kakis to go together. Seems like most only keen to go Taiwan or Hong Kong for makan n shopping Doesn't seems to safe to travel alone even thought was thinking of getting a personal tour guide over there. Plus no one to help snap pictures Was hoping to see sunrise and sunset on mountains but defintely not at Mt Everest. Anyone have any tips for Nepal?


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            i had good experience with golden bridge at people's park. they even allow customization and is the only one who could answer my questions and requests (i surfed internet and read lonely planet etc and have special requests )

            and yes, i have personal guide. a driver to follow me everywhere except the trekking portion; and a guide in the day time. for trekking, i have a trekking guide and porter 24 hours with me. they sleep in the next room; i slept in guest houses (basically these are homes of ppl who stay there) and not tents.

            Me and another friend went together. but i do see ppl who are alone.


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              saw ananda had package tours before. maybe you can check?

              best would be to go with friends & get guides. be prepared for bad sanitation, food & air, strikes & delays in travelling etc...there was recent violence again bbc link

              royal nepal flight is famous for delaying their flights so be prepared that nothing runs on time. thai airways is a connecting flight - Sin - thai - kath. once you reach thai, you have to find your departure flight to kath, usually that flight will have all pax waiting for the passagers from sin so its quite a hassle & unsettling to rush from one plane to another. royal nepal flight is connecting on the way back from kath, stops over at KL for an hour or so.

              perhaps visit Pokhara if you want to see mountain scenary? It has a huge lake there & if i am not wrong its kinda like base camp.



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                Thanks Fern and Nutty. Think I better make use of the time to do researches and planning for the trip.


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                  I'm planning to travel to Nepal. Alone because cannot find kakis. You might want to check out It's a local tour agency that specialises in trekking holidays. Best bit is, you dun have to pay more for single traveller.


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                    oh... that is a fantastic webbie! so many exciting trekking activities at affordable rate.

                    nepal sounds really interesting! if anyone is confirm going next year, remember to post ya! i'm looking for khakis too.


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                      Hi anyone been to Nepal can comment?
                      Is it safe to go Nepal now? Still not decided where to go in october


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                        Opportunity to Participate in Humanitarian Effort Nepal

                        Youth Challenge is embarking on a humanitarian effort to Chitwan, Nepal and we are looking for interested participants. The humanitarian effort will be held during the university term break in summer 2008. The estimated cost of the programme will be approx SGD1000.

                        Nepal '08 will be the inaugural humanitarian effort with strong emphasis on sustainable development and impact of aid. The expedition would include three elements: (1) organising a youth camp (2) participating in a dialogue with local volunteers (3) helping out in an orphanage.

                        Furthermore, not forgetting that the volunteers are the most important resource of any non-profit organisation, Youth Challenge will provide a series of trainings and workshops for its volunteers to prepare themselves for the humanitarian effort. Workshops and trainings programmes will be designed according to the participants' needs to organise the humanitarian effort, at the cost of Youth Challenge.

                        With that, Youth Challenge Singapore humbly invites you to participate in Nepal '08. Email [email protected] for more information.


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                          any codders visiting soon, can help me to get some dress and accessories from Nepal??


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                            anyone been to Nepal lately?

                            was thinking of heading there year end.


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                              Seems like Nepal isn't a very popular destination...

                              I'll be heading there in December! Hope it'll be good and safe! Any forms of night life?