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How to increase breastmilk?

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  • How to increase breastmilk?

    I've been trying to breastfeed my baby since giving birth a month ago. There's still very little breastmilk which is not **** for my baby. I would like very much to breastfeed my baby. Is there any way to increase breastmilk?

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    Hi there!

    I think this topic has been discussed before. Do a search and you should be able to find it. In addition, here's a good website to answer any breastfeeding concerns you have:


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      Try Mother's Milk Tea from MIM ( or Fenugreek from GNC (4 tablet a day?), Fish with Green Papaya.

      There are 2 types of medicine that can also be use but I cannot remember these off-hand. Ask your GP or see a LC (Lactation Consultant).

      If you need more information I will be glad to help.


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        I took Fenugreek - must take about 3500mg a day which works out to be at least 7 tablets. I took 2+2+3 (3 times a day). It will only be effective if you start smelling a maple syrup smell in your urine... weird but true...

        btw the last time I checked (about a year back), GNC said they were not bringing in Fenugreek anymore, are they still carrying it now?

        anyway, yena0804, the best way (since you are still establishing bm), is still by demand. i did round the clock nursing for a couple of weeks... i think that was the most effective the fish+green papaya soup was pretty good too!


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          Hi Yena,

          I actually have an American product that's reputed to increase supply within 48 hours; Motherlove's More Milk Plus Tincture (

          However I agree with Wanderlust. At this early stage, you're still establishing bm supply, so THE thing to do is to total breastfeeding and nurse on demand, including in the night. Night-time nursing actually encourages the production of breastmilk more than day-time nursing. If you learn how to nurse while lying down, you will also be able to rest while nursing. And do not supplement with formula or water. Finally, check that baby is nursing in a good position. A poor latch-on can lead to low milk supply because the breast is not adequately stimulated.

          I was wondering, why do you say you have little milk? Is it because baby cries a lot? Or you have difficulty expressing the milk? (a huge topic on its own!)

          The best way to gauge milk supply is to look at your baby's growth and daily body output. If all is well, then milk supply is enough. Baby cries for many reasons, not always from hunger. Sometimes baby just wants to be carried, sometimes it's due to discomforts like colic, too hot, too cold etc. I can go on and on so I'll just stop here for now

          ps kellymom is a great resource, lots of information. La leche international is also a god-sent. BMSG also has a counsellor hotline to help new mothers. you can check their website for the number.