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  • i'm keen to get the license of property agent. but i'm not too sure whats the difference between CEHA, CEA and CES. i just wanna attend classes and go for the exam. its just a backup plan and extra assurance that i got a license for property agent in case i get out of job or something.

    can anyone please enlighten me? thanks


    • how to go about choosing managers if you don't know any managers?

      anybody knows of those managers who hold your hands all the way? as in like bring you to their appointments with clients, let you see how they talk to clients and close the deals? then guide you thru the paperwork and other stuff rather than you need them then you call them?

      are the cost of the courses and things that they teach the same across the various agencies?


      • Future agent need min 4 olevels to be a real estate agent.
        And all agents are require to take at least CES exam.
        CEHA is much higher and difficult exam to take. If you have CEHA, you can open a real estate company.


        • Hi All,

          I am currently 26 year old and is very interested to join the property sector as a part time agent.

          Anyone interested to attend the course together? Any idea does it really make a difference which agency u joining?

          What are the costs in total in order to become an agent?

          Any difference in CEA or CES?

          Thanks !


          • i manage to find out more information about being a property agent cos I was interested initially.

            I think the difference between CEA and CES is just that its by different board of examiners.

            CEA and CES is about the same but I heard its better to take CEA.

            for the course, i think you can take it yourself as in register with the respective insitutes yourself and attend lesson and exam or you can join an agency and they will send you for the course but you have to pay for either cases. just that for the agency, i think once you hit a certain target of commission, they will return you the course fees.

            I think the company matters as well but the most important key point is who you are following or mentoring you.

            In my opinion, a lady mentor will be better as they are more willing to teach and has more patience.

            hope that helps


            • Ohh~ thanks so much for the info~ I am also interested to work as Part time agent ...

              any difference which agency to join?


              • i think it depends on what you wanna do. like you wanna handle HDB sale and rental or private properties or those showrooms kinda


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                  • i think once they hit the target to get back the course fee, they are in the manager level. my bf with ERA got promoted in 4-5mths. however, i would like to start with other district. im looking for manager who will provide training, as in i dont have to cold call to find seller for a start and able to hit the target to get back my course fee. but i dont have much capital & car atm, would it pose a prob?
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                    • Hi DiorSnow79, I have pm-ed u. Please kindly check. Thks !~


                      • Hi Shan,

                        I think it depends on the group that you have joined. I started off with DWG and the group that I was in was actually sectioned into different GTA (Geographically Targeted Areas) as they believe that if you specialise in one area, you'll learn more about that area and it'll be easier when you need to tell your viewers what are the amenities and stuff around tha area, like what buses serve the nearest bus stop, etc.

                        Normally, the managers in the respective GTA will have some listings on their hand and they'll advertise etc, therefore we didn't really need to come out with out own money to advertise. As there will be many people who will call to enquire about the listings and they won't have the time to handle so many people, they will pass these prospective buyers to us.

                        They will also hire P.As who will help them handle the calls, find listings by other agents and help us arrange for appts with other agents/ clients, etc.

                        Anyway, when I started out after completing the training (really learned lots), I was made a 'buyer-server', meaning that I was to serve the interested buyers, bring them for viewings, follow up with them, help them calculate the loans and amount of cash they have to come up with etc.

                        Different groups specialise in different kinds of properties, namely; Sale/ Rental, HDB, Private, Comercial, Land, etc..... and some are 'chapalang' (Anything also take).

                        Anyway, I think before you do anything, you should think of how much time you have to conduct your viewings, etc, and whether you have any cash for advertising, what's the profit cut like, etc, etc....

                        However, what is most important is not the company itself, not the group itself, not the profit cut itself, not the kind of property your manager specialises in BUT the manager that you are directly under.

                        Good support is very very important. That's why you see so many property agents 'agency-hop'... :p

                        Hope the info was useful to you. If you can, try to attend a few agencies' career talks before committing.

                        Good Luck.


                        • sorry to ride on this thread, does anyone knows the jobscope/earnings for PA assisting property agents, and how to find such jobs?

                          thanks in advance!


                          • i think some PA is on fixed salary while some is on commission based. for commission based i think its 20 to 30% of the commission earned per deal closed for the one you helped in.

                            not too sure if it applies to the others but this is what i know from my friend.


                            • starangel13, thanks for the detail. i'm looking for a manager like yours to start out, but with ERA cos i would like to join my bf after i stable down. dont have to jump company and re-do all the paperwork.

                              if i just sign up with ERA, how would i know which team i'm in since it' random and what's their arrangement like? i do not wish to join and then left to find my own seller and buyer. any ERA manager to rec?