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No one can make you feel inferior without your permission

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  • No one can make you feel inferior without your permission

    Women have always been attentive to beauty, but over the past two centuries the association between self-worth and appearance has gotten out of control in western culture. We have come to believe that if our bodies are not perfect we do not have real value or significance.

    It's impossible to pick up a magazine, watch TV, or go to a movie now without getting the message that ideal beauty comes in the form of a skinny, successful, energetic, young, white, wealthy, and physically flawless female. This airbrushed illusion of perfection has become a false reality and the cultural pressure to conform to this illusion has created within many of us a deep dissatisfaction with our bodies. As a result we feel relentlessly driven to change them at any cost.

    In the attempt to alter our size or change our body shape, we follow unhealthy diets, we starve ourselves, we use self-induced vomiting, laxatives and diuretics as weight loss tools. From excessive exercising to bingeing and purging to plastic surgery, we attempt to alter our bodies to conform to unrealistic ideals. We haven?t learned how to construct a positive body image instead.

    There are no quick fixes for this dilemma; there are no pills or herbs that will change how you feel about your body and yourself. You can, however, challenge your own beliefs, attitudes and feelings and in this way change how you feel about how you look. You can choose to see through the ?beautiful illusion? to a more real and satisfying vision of beauty. We all have the capacity to feel good about ourselves, no matter what we look like or how much we weigh.

    How to get your body image in proper perspective

    Appreciate your body for what it lets you do each dayTo get your body image in perspective you need to face up to any unrealistic ideals you have about your own body and stop trying to achieve them. You also need to question and challenge the perfect images that surround you. Don?t accept them as the norm; they are not the norm ? you and I are the norm. You also need to challenge the messages that society has so far given you about image, and replace them with realistic ones. Remember that as an adult you can choose the messages you accept or reject. As Eleanor Roosevelt once said: "No one can make you feel inferior without your permission."

    To get started on practicing self-affirmation, make a list of your positive and negative qualities on separate pieces of paper. Write down at least fifteen of each. Don?t be surprised if it is more difficult for you to come up with the positives than the negatives. By writing this list you should gain some insight into any overwhelming imbalance between positive and negative self-talk. Review and add to this list daily ? build it into a repertoire of affirmations. Positive affirmations can be simple one-liners such as "I like my hair," or they can be more complex: "I am a valuable, lovable person and deserve the best in life".

    Practice one or two affirmations at a time, giving them a chance to work on your subconscious before moving on to other affirmations. Rehearse them in your mind, say them out loud, write them down, record them and play them back to yourself while you're driving in the car or exercising! Do whatever it takes to replace that negative self-talk. As you internalise more and more positive affirmations, your perceptions will begin to change. Positive affirmations are learned by repetition, and should be practiced everyday.

    The choice is yours

    Beauty is subjective and multi-faceted. Every one of us can be beautiful; we only have to see it that way. If you need help overcoming issues with body image, there are many support groups as well as a variety of professional treatment plans and programs that can help. Look for ones that allow you to discover your own abilities and inner strengths.

    Learn to appreciate yourself for who you are!

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    Your post set me thinking ... what you said is true ... very often we just got lost in all these advertisment .. magazines.... is like constant battle with our own body .... i have printed a copy of your post in have it pasted on my personal journal ...just to remind myself that i am special .....


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      i myself lost to myself..i allow myself to get into depression and too trying to tell myself im good, in unqiue...

      i think that article i got is true...advertisments, tv are somehow misleading some pple..


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        I too feel insecure at times. I always make unrealistic expectaion of myself to conform to this world unreasonable standard of beauty.

        I always wanted a pocelain skin free from all visible scars and blemish and acne.

        I always wanted a slimer waist and a oval face shape. I must learn love myself


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          totally agree with you Jessy!!!!

          2 thumbs up!!!!


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            no normal woman will think that she is pretty or slim enough . . .

            we tend to have very high expectations of ourselves.

            if we keep comparing ourselves to those who are better, we sure feel lousier

            why dont we take a step back and compare within ourselves.

            there is bond to be someone who is better than the one you think best.

            there is no ending to comparison.

            feel good, be good =)