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  • Job dilemma

    I?m having a real dilemma now, and I have to give a reply by tomorrow afternoon. I have just signed the letter of appointment to start work, and I will have to give a month notice to my current company if I were to leave. However, just as I have signed it, a few days later I found myself another job. I am wondering if I will be blacklisted if I were to leave the company I just signed the letter? It?s a great company, but the other is much more beneficial to me, and I really don?t wish to get blacklisted.

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    personally i think since you have already signed the letter.. it's too late to back out already.. (if not u have to pay compensation right?) so actually no need to think about it..?

    maybe you can ask if the 2nd company is willing to wait 1 month for you.. but probably no.. right? if not, then stay on with the 1st company.. maybe it's very beneficial for you too? never know right?

    good luck..


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      sorry...a bit confused here
      u are currently serving your one month notice with your current employer...
      u have already signed the letter of employment with company A
      and contemplating signing another letter of employment with company B...

      since you have not started work with company A, you are allowed to inform them that you do not wish to work for them..
      the terms and conditions will come into effect only after you have started work.. not at the point of signing the employment letter...
      as such.. as long as you have not commenced employment with company A, there is no notice period and no payment-in-lieu to be made..
      this is the norm for most companies..
      but check your letter again for confirmation..
      and one thing for sure, you will be "blacklisted"...
      but it boils down to how you explain your situation if you get shortlisted for interview with the company....


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        Thanks girls, really appreciate it. Will give company B a miss as the dateline is really too tight for me to decide. Thanks a lot! *hugZ*


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          Hi Ladies,
          I think i need advise from you all. I am currently working in a Automotive company as an admin clerk for a yr already but I have a engineering diploma. I dun wan to be an admin clerk forever and wanna take up part time degree on engineering . I seek advise from my sup regrading my career path in the company & she advised me that if I transfer to another dept as CSO (Customer service officer) which can touch on more on my engineering knowledge and also the company might help me in my degree fee as it job related. I in a dilemma now c cos the dept i am in is really good and everyone treats me very good also and now got some staffs resigned already to start up their own business outside.. I wonder if i leave now will be heartless or should i wait for another 1- 2 yrs then transfer to the service dept or now? Ladies, maybe you all can see the situation more clearly then i am now. Pls help


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            If i were u I would not want to remain as a clerk for the rest of my life too. Ren Yao Wang Shang Pa, Shui Wang di chu liu. I only know that in this world everything change, nothing is permanent except changes. Good things always will come to an end so you must know how to look forward and not look back.

            throughout my 7 years of working, i had met good and bad colleagues but for my future sake i would still choose to leave a job which i do not forsee any career advancement. so i think u should think about ur future as well. who knows in the next job, u will have caring bosses and nice colleagues as well.

            since the company is willing to pay for ur school fees, isn't that great?think it over
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              Hi Namida,
              Thanks for your advise . I think i will do the transfer but not now as i said there is some movement in the head count recently. I think My boss will not let me go so easy .. Someone frm my Dept already request for transfer to another dept, he think he is more suitable as he jus the diploma recently. My boss said he jus KIV first as the manpower is down. I sure wouldnt wanna be a small clerk forever. I will wanna climb the higher i can go as you know gal's youth is very short only ma.


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                alternatively, if you are not able to get a transfer internally, what about applying in another company?

                btw, office environment changes...
                it may be great now..
                but you can guarantee that it will remain the same a few years down the road..
                for me, i dont think it is worth staying on in a job that you cannot see a future in just because of your boss and colleagues..
                human beings are mobile and they may not stay on in the company forever also...


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                  Hi Sweeties,
                  I wonder should i wait til to get the bouns in Sept then look for a new job..I really dunno what to do now? I dunno whether to go get degree or what. I feel that my youth is slipping away. How? I am really lost. $ is another issue for me. If i borrow education loan, i be paying debt like rest of my life.


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                    Working in Intercontinental Hotel or in Jobsfactory?

                    Hi pEepS! Was deciding between whether working in Intercontinental Hotel as a Business Development Coordinator or in Jobsfactory as telesales selling online portals? One thing is that the Jobsfactory's pay not bad but bad thing is that is is far from my house.Not sure whether Hotel has better career path or in sales line..Can anyone enlighten me?


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                      Hi again

                      First, I think you ought to consider if you can see yourself making cold calls as your primary task in this telesales job. And I believe achieving the sales target is the main challenge.

                      If you're just going to use salary as the major factor affecting your decision, there're plenty more jobs in other industries. Call centre jobs offer high pay but some industries require their staff to do split shifts (probably telcos like M1) or the work hours are longer (but still within MOM rules). I would think call cente jobs are v desk-bound. I never wanted to consider this job cos I know I will not enjoy manning telephone lines, no matter how good I am at dealing with difficult customers, and no matter how high the pay is.


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                        Any cosycotters can help me in my job concerns?

                        I need opinions! I was offered this position in a costume jewel company as export coordinator in the showroom. This job requires me to do processing of orders, liasing with overseas buyer and gng thru samples and stuff.

                        I'm concern what possible career advancement i can branch out from here. I was thinking perhaps i shld try it out till i find a job i like. Any cotters in this export/import industry? What's the starting pay like in this industry ?

                        Do offer ur kind opinions here to ease my concerns! Thanks


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                          im export coordinator,but dealing with other stuff. as for career advancement, i dont think have. i approached my boss and asked him, he said unless i want to do local or export sales,otherwise dont have other advancement. worse thing is my co. set a maximum salary for my post. who will stay long if there wont be increment. sigh! *shake head*

                          btw,what kind of career advancement you're looking for? how long have u work for this co?


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                            Hi Yang11,

                            Im looking at possibly marketing or merchandising. I went for the interview and did check with the interviewer concerning the possible advancement one possibly cld branch out buT seemed like it's kinda ambiguous. He kept emphasizin on the possible good prospect one cld go in the company.
                            Another thing, it's pretty interesting that the boss is a french but yet the operations of the company is pretty 'traditional'. There's no AWS but annual bonus is given before CNY and annual leave for a start is 7 days and will escalate to 14 days (Max) that's like err...
                            And,there's this incentive bonus of 50 bucks mthly if u do noT take any MC. The benefit is just kinda traditional. And i dun really fancy the working hrs. The working enviroment is not really good. Within my department, there's three of them and can u imagine they are sharing a big conference table for al that paperwork tasK! I'm kinda ridicule when i see that.
                            i m still deliberating if i shld take up this offer.

                            Btw, which industry are you in? Is this job hectic? How long have you been in this job?


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                              I'm not in the export/import industry. but just here to offer my 2cents worth.
                              actually, the remuneration package does not seem to be very attractive, but your salary might be higher than market rate?

                              factors to consider:
                              - is the jobscope in your interest field?
                              - benefits scheme looks like it's uncommon. 14 days AL is the least i came across.
                              - is the experience worth mentioning in your next job?
                              - is the company a reputable co. to work in and list in your resume or is related to the industry you are interested to advance career in?
                              - location?
                              - working environment comfortable for you?

                              unless this job have got something you want and really think it's worth the sacrifice, time and effort, then by all means go for it. there's nothing wrong in making a little sacrifice now if it's useful later on.

                              good luck dear!