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  • Share things with ur gf?

    Hi gals,

    just wondering if any of u share things with ur gf? eg, bag, dress, necklace etc?

    Will u lend ur gf?

    Eg, if ur Frugal gf is goin for a D&D and she wants to borrow ur dress and borrow necklace from another gf and mayb borrow handbag from another gf for this D&D.

    In additional, this Frugal gf who likes to borrow things has higher earning capabilities than all of u. She's niao in her spending habits and pennies & cents matters to her. Avoid paying $ if possible type, even thou she has LOADS of $.

    A recent incident, we bought a pearl necklace after d/c $40 for another gf. And this frugal gf start to eye this pearl necklace to wear for her D&D. She also borrowed a gown from another gf and she starts to say the pearl necklace matches with the gown. And hint hint to the bday gf that her D&D is 11days later and ask the Bday gf to reserved the necklace for her.

    Then the following day, she took another occasion to remind the bday gf. So i'm pissed off and rebuke her by saying that, the bday gf havent even worn the necklace and she's starting to eye the opportunity to wear it.

    Then she replied the email by saying that the bday gf got exactly 10days from now to FLAUNT the necklace and that if she's uncomfortable to lend, just say so.

    I find it's very ridiculous!

    What do u think?

    I dont mind lending pple stuff IF that person is tight on $...BUT if the other party is someone who earns more $ than me and saves on pennies & cents, i wont want to lend.
    She can jolly well afford, y borrow from pple. I think it's cheapo :p

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    Btw, forgot to mention, once u lend things to her, u wont know WHEN she'll return it to u.

    She'll take her own sweet time and at her own convenience to return.

    Normally after u borrow things, u'll want to return asap BUT not her.


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      generally i have no issue lending things to my gf. but based on the description of your gf, with bad ethics as a friend, don't think she deserves anything unfortunately...

      btw, why is she considered a friend in the first place?


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        i share the same sentiments as hiphop. i dun mind lending stuff to my girlfriends, so as long as they are close enough to me.

        but the gf in ur account sounds so terrible and rude! it's as if all her friends are obliged to do her the favor.


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          Sighz, people changed as we grow older. However, some bad habits just cant be kicked off and when u grow older, it just seems to manify.

          I've longed disregard her as my fren **** thou we still go out together with other gfs.


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            i also won't mind lending it but definitely no no if in your friend's case.


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              Yuck! That girl is ridiculous indeed! Even if she's a higher earner yet frugal (which is good) and she probably has her own reasons to do so (such as family medical expenses etc), but her attitude was crap when it comes to the borrowing necklace incident.

              Just my but i find that such friends are totally not worth it.. they kinda take their friends for granted and only turn to u when they need something out of it.


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                She seems to think that you can and should lend it to her cos she's your friend. You should really draw the line. I don't consider such a person a friend.

                What next? Later she borrow money from you how... :D


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                  Oh dear. this gf sounds like bullying the friends based on the term friendship.

                  I don't mind lending my gf stuff provided they take care of it and return it soon after they finished it.


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                    I don't mind lending but they must take care of it & return soon ... & not me chasing over them ... I don't like that. But for your case, I think she's just trying to borrow n flaunt ... guess this is her bad habit.


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                      I don't mind lending my clothes and accessories to my gal pals provided they take good care of them. But for your case, I might have to think twice. Returning my things on time is very important to me because I'm uncomfortable abuot having my things over at people's place or all over the island.
                      Once thing for sure, I definitely won't lend something I like very very much to anyone. If something goes wrong, it do nothing good to the friendship.


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                        call me stingy but i dont like lending things to people.

                        if i do lend anything to people, i dont expect it to be returned in good condition.
                        plus, the relationship is spoilt if the item lent out is not returned in a good condition.


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                          i don't mind lending stuff to my friends provided that they ask me properly and promise to return it in the same condition when borrowed.

                          on the part of the birthday present, i'll definitely get super piss and refuse, cause i always believe that birthday presents come with the well wishings of the person who gave them. so no matter what, i'll not lend stuff that are birthday presents to other people.


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                            Count me in too! I won't lend my stuffs to my gf's unless she's my best friend that i'm very close to and of course the trust and sincerity towards each other. I had the same experience lending my stuffs and they never return back to me and they disappeared till now for like 2 yrs already. I rather lose a friend than lose a money which i earn and save the hard way by myself. Sometimes people just don't appreciate kindness that we have done, so why waste our time of being friend with them.


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                              Personally, I also do not like to lend my friends my stuff because I don't want the relationship to be ruined bacause of it.

                              Your friend's disgusting - she's obviously trying to take advantage of you folks. Sorry to say this but you guys keeping quiet isn't gonna help her - she'd continue to act this way. The only solution I forsee is to say NO to her. Let her know that you all do not tolerate her behaviour.

                              Worst comes to worst, dump her. You all surely can find better people to make friends with. Not some idiot who takes you all for granted & assume that you all will let her borrow stuff as and when she needs it. You might want to tell her that's a BIG CHEAPO too!