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  • Dreams

    Hi All,

    I have been dreaming almost every night thus had very disturbed sleep. When i wake up in the morning, i always feel so tired, this has been going on for a long time

    Anyone in the same situation? Anyone has any remedy ?

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    try to relax and empty your mind before falling asleep. i guess it happened because your mind has lots of thoughts before u dozed off...


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      Maybe i watched too much tv just before bedtime

      i tried taking milk before i sleep, doesn't work, even tried to take a bit of wine...helps me to go to sleep faster.


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        as much as I try to relax and 'don't think about it', I still get the dreams / nightmares coming back. I guess you could find out what's truly bothering you and share it with someone your worries etc. It would help better.


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          stop any reading and watching tv before bedtime.. will coz difficulties in getting into sleep.. should rest about 1 hr before going to bed..


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            hmmm.. i'm also having dreams almost every night and wake up feeling tired in the morning. and the more surprising part is that i can remember almost the whole dream clearly. my dreams tends to have complicated plots somemore.. guess i'm kinda wierd huh
            if i compile my dreams.. i think i can write a book out of it... lol

            the tired feeling in the morning doesnt really bother me much. probably i've got used to it. when i wake up every after dream, i'm more excited to try to recall my dream than to think about the tiredness. it's like watching a movie while i sleep.. lol


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              In order to get a better night's rest do remember the following:
              1. Sleep and wake up at the same time everyday. Develop a good habit.
              2. Do not consume coffee,tea,alcohol during the daytime. All these drinks contain caffine which will inhibit sleeping patterns.
              3. Try not to have vigorous exercises just before bed time.
              4. Have a good shower, and you could try to use some aromatherapy to help you get into the relax mood.
              5. If you really can't fall asleep, do not force yourself, do some bed time reading.
              6. For some people, drinking a cup of warm milk before bedtime helps.
              7. Empty your mind of any workload or troubles you may have during the day time. You may try this by writing down on a piece of paper a 'to do' list before bedtime so you dun keep your mind occupy thinking about things.
              I hope the above suggestion helps! If you are still having distrubed sleep after a prolong period of time, do seek medical advise


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                hi... i had heard before that before sleep try not to anything on the bed.
                eg: reading on bed cause you will still have the 'thoughts' of the book and you cant sleep well.
                the bed is for you to sleep