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  • Playing Santa-Update present status

    We had this for St Valentine's day earlier so i thought it'll be fun to do it again.

    Santas and Santees Game!

    How to play:

    1. Cotters sign up to play this game.
    2. Cotters are then randomly assigned their Santa by the organiser(s).
    3. Santas are supposed to shop for their santees' wishlist presents.
    4. Santas to pass/mail the present to their santees.
    5. All participating Cotters will get a present!

    The fun is in not knowing who your santas are and guessing them! All will be revealed at the end. Hence you are not to write your name or nick in the package.. but please do write your return address for mails.

    Budget for present: S$25 plus/minus, nothing less than S$20 to be fair.
    No used/old/rejected items - all must be bought brand new.
    Santa may wrap up the present, add in cards, make it pretty etc.

    Dateline for participation: 10th Nov 05, Thursday
    Dateline for sending/passing out presents: 19th Dec 05, Monday

    For mailing of packages, it must be mailed using a trackable form - registered mail to prevent loss. Otherwise, you may send it via normal postage only IF you're willing to replace the package if it's lost.

    Santas will be given their santee's nick by 15th Nov 05.
    Please bear in mind that mail system is slower during the festive season.

    To sign up:

    1. Only regular cotters may join.
    2. Post your nick here, together with your wishlist in the same post.
    3. PM me with your name, hp no and home address.

    Please join only if you can fulfil the above criteria and meet the datelines.

    Let me know if you think more/less rules should be added/deleted. This is all I can think of, for now.

    Have fun.
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    Please post participation like this.



    MAC e/s in XXX.
    Packs of XXX.
    XXX Slippers in Size 4.

    Etc etc.. The above is just an example!

    You can use any other cutesy icons, just list out in order.

    Please bear in mind:

    Clothes are pretty difficult to buy, (size, colour, design) to suit Santee's taste.
    Lingerie are equally difficult to buy unless you know the person's size inside out! :wow:
    Be specific, otherwise your Santa will .
    Please keep the budget in mind and ask for something attainable.

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      ooooo i missed the one last year and i just got to participate this year!



      Shu Uemura Nickel Curler
      Isetan Voucher
      MAC Glitter Liner in Pinkphonic
      MAC e/s Stars and Rocket
      MAC e/s Zonk Bleu!
      MAC Satellite Dream.
      MAC skinfinish in stereo rose
      Any book that is worth reading. No horror please... Scaredy cat here...

      Thank you Ms Santa!
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        Brilliant, was wondering which sweet will start this. Now i know, please allow me to join



        Full-sized Clinique High Impact Mascara - 01 Black
        MAC Pinkphonic Glitter Liner

        so much Santa

        DEAR SANTA

        UPDATE : Origins Underwear for Lash
        if item not bought yet, imo hard to find & too ex also.

        I will PM Daphnee my mailing address, mail out later is OK for me
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          Shu Uemura Nickel Curler
          MAC Glitter liner in Spunsilver
          MAC Tinted Lip Conditioner in Aquamelon
          MAC Eyeshadow Stars and Rocket
          NARS Glida Blush

          Ruthie! I wanna help.
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            I want to be part of this!


            Tangs / Isetan Voucher
            Shu Eyeshadow in Turquoise 555 / P450
            MACe/s in Humid
            MAC Powerpoint in Engraved
            MAC Eye Kohl in Minted
            MAC Fluidline in Macroviolet
            MAC Disney Tinted Lip Conditioner

            thank you
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              Ruthie I wanna join too!!!

              Shu Uemura e/s in ME Beige
              Shu Uemura e/s in P Green 450
              MAC glitter liner in Pinkphonic
              MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack (really need this I think! )
              MAC lipstick in Hug Me!

              I'll update when I think of stuff, abit sleepy now!
              Last edited by Jean; 15-11-2005, 12:24 AM.


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                Big big wishlist

                MAC Glitter Eyeliner in Glamourgold
                MAC Glitter Eyeliner in Pinkphonic
                BB Shorthand brush
                CK Tangs/Taka vouchers
                LV knockoff black pumps size 4 (at least 7cm heel)

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         haha cant think of anything I want at the moment =p not even the brand

                  Taka Voucher
                  MAC Tinted Lip Conditioner in Aquamelon
                  Tangs Voucher

                  sorry gals, I dont use much makeup so limited wishlist.
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                    LOL. This is getting fun!!

                    I think all the m/u counters will be getting abit more business from us girls.

                    Daph shall be the co-organiser.

                    I'm capping the no of participants at 30 (1 is myself!!) to prevent this from becoming a mess.

                    We'll arrange one big meetup sometime in December so that we can all meet and exchange gifts plus chitchat!

                    Sorry to newbies (sassypink and rupz), you can't join in for this swap game. Please contribute more to the forum and then you can participate in the next one.
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                      Thank you, thank you! I'm ! I hope for world peace!


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                        how can i miss out on this?

                        Vel's Wishlist...
                        any of the 44 new shu e/s preferably the ME or IR range pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee
                        Shu compact retractable blush brush
                        Shu #10 e/s brush
                        Shu #20 blush brush (pinch me, i must be dreaming!?)
                        MAC Shimpagne skinfinish (i'm getting this in a swap)
                        Any MAC full-size pigments
                        MAC e/s - Zonk Bleu, Sensualize, Blue Absinthe, Humid, steamy, brule (i bought Zonk and blue just now)
                        MAC Shade, Rich Ground fluidline
                        Lancome Peche / Melon juicy tube
                        Nalgene waterbottle (no pinks, no fanciful colors)
                        Starlicious book by Andy Lee (english version only)

                        NOOOOOOOO to clothes, shoes, skincare, nail polish, haircare, fragrance, bodycare, candles, chocolate, food.

                        SooooooooRRY SANTA, i know i'm super troublesome!
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                          i want to join in too!!! can i?


                          isetan/CK TANGS/ Taka vouchers
                          A Perfect World? Liquid moisture with White Tea Toner
                          Shiseido's mascara base
                          Shu eyelash curler
                          Mac LustreGlass Instant Gold A34

                          will be updated again .. hehehe ...
                          Last edited by w3nqian; 19-11-2005, 10:44 PM.


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                            must pig date early so we can try turn up for this


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                              Brilliant idea!!! Can I join?

                              ITangel's wishlist
                              MAC Ever Opal Pearlizer
                              Isetan vouchers
                              Shu compact retractable blush brush
                              MAC skinfinish in stereo rose

                              To be updated
                              Last edited by ITangel; 07-11-2005, 09:41 AM.