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Men more prone to pressure-buying?

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  • Men more prone to pressure-buying?

    Was at another forum & this gal said that her dad was persuaded to buy insurance over the phone.

    Then I remembered that once, I let my SO wander around at Guardian & lo & behold, he walked out with a bottle of eye cream because he was persuaded by the SAs to purchase one. This happened quite a long time back & recently, he told me that he hasn't even opened up the bottle yet.

    Now, I don't let him wander around - especially at places where there are pushy female sales assistants. I am the sort who simply detests buying anything under pressure. If I see a sales promoter coming my way, I'd brush her off or walk elsewhere.

    Just wondering - are men more prone to pressure-buying? Why? Because they cannot resist the glib tongues of the SAs?

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    my SO was almost cornered to get this couple board game that's sold by one of my friend's partner. he said that while i was talking to my friend, the partner was just giving him the description and rules of the game and he felt pressured to get it. and the board game costs $80+!

    i suppose they are not so used to rejecting the SAs? for me, if any beautician approaches me when i'm in guardian, i'll just say no.

    or maybe they just want to get the SAs off their back.


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      i think men don't know how to reject.


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        haha i thought women are the ones that is more prone to pressure buying..
        Especially aunties.... Buying things they dont need at all cos of the pushy SA....


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          Eh...or maybe men buy stuff because they want to impress the SAs? Show them that they can afford these stuff (even though they don't need it).

          My SO's answer (although I haven't checked with him yet) should be something along the "She's trying to do her I buy from her...."


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            klibby: that is such a funny answer. if it's really that, then some SA tries to sell a totally expensive thing that the guy don't need, they'll still buy it?


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              Oh I think my guy learnt his lesson from the Guardian fiasco already. Cause I scolded him upside down for it as in the first place, he really didn't need the eye cream crap.

              Just recently, he was at Venus trying to buy toner & again, this lady tried to psycho him to buy some don't-know-what-dubious-brand thingie. At that time, I was outside the store & I saw what happened and went in. The lady tried to promote the item to me, I just gave her a blank stare, then she got my message and then proceeded to help my bf find the toner that he wanted.

              My SO is the kind of person who'd stop to help those Orchard Rd touts to fill out survey forms because "they are just doing their job". Me have to be the aggressive one in the relationship & make sure that he doesn't get cheated by these sort of people.


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                What i think is that the guys feel its a paiseh thing to reject a female sales assistant, showing that they are not generous but instead something like stingy.


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                  klibby: your SO's so generous! SO will shoo me away and tell me to go the other way when we're in town and those surveyors come up to us.

                  sometimes guys end up getting all those useless stuff and i don't understand why they just can't say "i don't need that".


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                    my dad and SO are also more prone to pressure-buying. SO and dad actally bought insurance which the credit card company offered over the phone too. SO and dad both are those very easy-going person so its like so long as they hear its good, they will go ahead with it.


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                      Hey klibby, your SO's incident at Guardian also 'befell' upon my ex-SO! I was at Guardian paying for some items, and when I went to look for him, he was listening to an SA's sales pitch. Luckily, I stepped in before he bought the cosmetic (!!!) item from her. When I chided him, his answer was pretty similar too, "The poor girl's trying to do her job, so I'm just helping her".


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                        I think it depends on the guy's character as well as his pocket! lol

                        For my bf, he seldom buy due to pressure-pushing from SAs coz he doesn't have much money in the first place! & I always psycho him not to get taken in by such female SAs who love to prey on guys!

                        But if someone ask him for donations, he can donate repeatedly if approached coz he said it's not so nice to reject people. So sometimes if I leave him alone for a while near the mrt station when it's flag day, he'll have many 'stickers' when I come back. >.<


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                          man find it difficult to reject, esp if its a pretty girl in front. LOL.

                          but if the item is expensive, then i guess it will take a lot more than just pressure.


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                            I guess so... and men wil say, women more prone to buy on impluse!!!


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                              But I think it has to depend..
                              Generally, I think that it will be easier a gal who approach the guy to buy something, than if it had been the same gender..