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Motorcar Driving Lesson - Class 3/3A

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  • Motorcar Driving Lesson - Class 3/3A

    For those fortunate gals who have passed, do share on your experience or recommendation pls?

    School or Private, which is better or economical?

    Procedure for Class 3


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    I would say school.

    Although school charges higher per lesson, I guess at the end of the day it depends on how good a learner and driver you are to determine how much you need to spend to get your driver's licence. Also your driving exam's condition (resulting in a pass or fail) might affect your total spending too.
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      2nd the school

      might costs more but in the event that you fail the driving test, it's a shorter waiting period for you to get the 2nd test. depending on which center, SSDC's retests took more than a month, CDC took less than a month during my time plus, you have mock tests for the basic & advance theories and this helped me alot boosts up your confidence when you go in for the paper

      but if you're going for private & need some recommendations, lmk! i had an instructor from the driving school go out and teach private and i think i have the contact somewhere

      another reason on why i think going by school's better - a friend went private, failed the driving test and realised it was going to take him a few months before he could sit for the next test. then he decided to sign up with the school, paid ALOT more then he should but finally ended up with a license on his 2nd or 3rd try.. would have been easier if he just went with school all the way IMO.


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        I attended my lessons in a school, so here's my take on pros and cons abt learning in a school:

        -you get to practise in the circuit regularly (circuit familiarisation is extremely important) and as frequent/often as you need.
        -if you happen to be assigned a lousy/irresponsible instructor, you can write in and request to change one.
        -don't have to worry about being taught slower than you progress just so instructor can make more money.

        -there are lots of sleazy instructors (young and old alike) waiting to 'pounce' on female learners and trust me, its terribly unpleasant to be stuck with one who spends a quarter of your precious time trying to chat you up/ 'accidentally' grope your hand on the pretext of teaching you how to handle the gear shiftstick/ steering wheel.
        -supposedly more expensive I think (this one I'm not sure)

        At the end of the day I am just really glad that I have my licence now so that I never have to go back to that dreaded place ever again. I met my share of really lousy instructors and had to request for instructor change 3-4 times (its really troublesome, gotta see the supervisor and write in and all.). If you know of any highly recommended private instructor to go to for lessons, I wouldn't recommend you to go to the school at all.


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          took my lessons with a school too. i like the way they structure each lesson and prepares u really for the test. agree also that u get unlimited access to the circuit which is a big plus. no experience with "hum sup" (lecherous) instructors, mayb not attractive enough .... hehe

          i like they way they make sure u've passed one stage before allowing u to go on to the next stage. n the discounted waiting time if u need a re-test is a big plus


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            hmm..this thread came at the right time!Got to take my driving soon too (TOO many people have been urging me to do so, but i keep procrastinating!).. wanna take 'school' together anyone?


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              Are there any minimum practical lessons one must take with BBDC/SSDC? Any difference if one opts for private? TIA


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                I took my driving lessons @ ssdc and imo, learning at the school is better than private though though the latter is cheaper.

                Lessons are conducted in a systematic way in the school and they make sure you know every stage well before going on to the next

                For ssdc, you must complete the 28(iirc) subjects before you're allowed to book the practical test. The number of lessons depends on how fast you progress. I think the average number of lessons people take is 25.

                Bbdc has 31/32 subjects i think.

                The instructors I got were quite friendly though there were a couple of fierce ones who did not hesitate to shout at me when I made mistakes



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                  I would say go for school as well! I'm not sure how is the difference between the waiting time for the driving test if you're taking in school vs private, but it's usually faster if you do it in school.

                  I got different instructors each time, and they emphasized on different safety points.

                  For min practical lessons, I recalled that SSDC asked me to sign up for 15 or 20 lessons (100 min each). You can probably cover about 2 - 3 stages in one lesson. IIRC, I went for about 12 or 15 lessons to complete the stages, and used the remaining as refresher before the test - I did ask before (although that was ages ago, not sure if policy has changed), and they do refund unutilised lessons.

                  School's probably more expensive than private in general, I think I paid hundred+ more than my friends who went private, but I feel that exposure to different instructors and the structured lessons do make better drivers. I'm not denying that there are good private instructors out there, it's just that they are not that easy to find and 'book'!


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                    looks like i'm the only one taking private ? mm! anyway agree in a certain way that school is better too, for it follows a system to teach the students, whereas for private, my friends just opened their eyes big when i told them my instructor taught me U turn on my very first lesson! and to add on, he is very sacastic, a stalled engine last time would also earn me some sacastic words :shout: . my instructor was not recommended by anyone, just took his number from the list of private instructors. so if you are considering private, look for those with recommendations only!


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                      The Strait Times 18/06/2004
                      "Driving tests in auto cars from next January?
                      Learners may opt for it but those who pass will not be allowed to drive a manual vehicle"

                      who will opt for this if there's an option?

                      though lazy bum but still will go for manual.


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                        Originally posted by ibonne
                        The Strait Times 18/06/2004
                        "Driving tests in auto cars from next January?
                        Learners may opt for it but those who pass will not be allowed to drive a manual vehicle"

                        who will opt for this if there's an option?

                        though lazy bum but still will go for manual.
                        I think this is a great option, I mean, really few people will buy a manual car these days unless the current car they're driving is already a manual (which is already quite rare?). Makes me wonder- then what about cars that has both auto AND manual control whereby driver can switch to either anytime during driving? Can learners who has only auto licenses be allowed to drive such a car?


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                          precisely. this is what i'm thinking too.
                          there are pros & cons about this.
                          but personally thought learning manual at least still can switch.. auto like more restrictive..hmm


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                            I took private! But that was long time ago, when I was in poly year 1, which was 4-5 years ago? Anyway, private is much cheaper but will take a longer time to pass. Its up to individuals but if you want a faster and shorter time to get your license, go for school.


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                              I learnt mine at BBDC.. It is definitely faster to get ur license in a school.. I got mine in around 4+ mths including the theory part.. I practically went for lessons 3 times a week.. cos I am very free at that time..

                              Definitely much more ex than private.. perhaps 2X more ex..