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  • Wine Appreciation

    Not sure if I've posted in the correct thread. I'd like to find out more about wine appreciation. Are there any schools offering tutorials?

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    Happened to come across this thread. Nobody into wine appreciation?


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      Hi Tabbie / Siren,

      I used to pass by Cold Storage, they have registration forms near the wine section for wine introductory and tasting day course. Maybe you can keep a watchful eye when u pass by Cold Storage. Sorry can't be of much help. I am actually interested too but sadly can't spare the time.

      Best Regards / Kelly


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        I used to work at this wine bar at dempesy road.
        The place is called "Wine Network".
        A great place to hold private function & such.

        Tel: 64790979 (Operating hrs: 12 pm - 12pm)

        They do have wine appreciation class. And the price is reasonable too.
        Look for belinda/ thomas teo.

        Hope you like it.


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          I think there is one at SMU Tcc, there is some wine education course going on...


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            Or check The New Paper or Straits Times Classified - sometimes they do offer Wine Appreciation Course. Meanwhile some restaurant do offer the course too Will update the thread again


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              If you are looking for recognised wine certificate, you should check out the wine course offered by Temasek Polytechic at Tourism Academy in Sentosa. Below are the details:
              Skill certificate in wine

              More than just an alcoholic drink, the personal enjoyment of wine in Singapore has become fairly widespread around the nation. Professionally, individuals working in the wine trade and retail channels often find themselves overwhelmed with information on wine. Knowedge of wine is extremely important in its sales. Consumers are more likely to make a purchase if the salesperson is actually able to display knowledge of the range of products he or she is representing.

              In recognition of the needs of individuals and professionals, The Tourism Academy @ Sentosa in conjunction with the California Wine Institute is proud to present a Skills certificate in wine for your personal and professional enhancement. Registration for the next intake is now open!


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                would definitely like to go for wine appreciation course...I love wines...


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                  Love wines too.


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                    If you love wines then check out Raffles Hotel. I think since years back they have started a yearly wine appreciation function. Very expensive but u get to taste like 6-8 glasses of wine (quite a big amt) and the wine is really good and EXPENSIVE. Furthermore, there's guest speakers talking about grapes, wine making etc up to glasses.

                    I cant remember how much it is but i think should be more than 1k?


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                      Been to the one organised for Citibank card holders at this very nice place called Winebos.

                      Not too sure if they do for individuals, but you can always call them to check out what's happening. Perhaps they might just have a wine appreciation course happening.

                      Their website is here.

                      The website looks... simple. But the place itself is really nice, quaint and cosy.

                      Hope this helps.


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                        I do went to attend some talks when i visit napa valley in california. They really share alot of knowledge abt wines.