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  • ROM packages from Bridal Studios

    Hi, I'll be ROMing in Apr 2006.. Now sourcing for ROM packages from bridal studios as i feel packages will be lesser hassle...Does anyone has any recommendations or has come across any good promotions???

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    Just ROMed last Sat, my ROM package came free with my $2988 bridal package with Yvonne Creations:
    - ROM dress (OTR rental)
    - bouquet
    - Makeup

    will upload my picts when I received them


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      Think most bridal studios can throw in ROM package free if you sign up for the wedding package... Mine was not even negotiated but we asked and they said ok... Had to pay extra for the bouquet, but they can do the ordering etc for you...


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        But i was thinking of getting the ROM package alone... Cause my AD is 2 yrs away so don't wana comit to 1 BS so fast...


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          Try this ->
          Remembered a cotter took a package with them and the dress is very
          last heard $399 for dress, MU and shoes


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            Afew suggestions will be Olive Suite, Empire & Lavender (at Stamford Building). They have ala-carte ROM packages, i think. I did mine all seperately, breakdown is roughly as follows:

            Dress (Allure) - $189
            Shoes (Hue) $169
            Bouquet (Secret Garden) $85
            Makeup/Hairstyle (Glamour Shots) $80

            So, total is abt $500+, which is quite ex. Think it will be alot cheaper if u could get a package with your BS. My BS is quite strict on ROM Package. They didnt throw it in.


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              hey girls,
              I am taking Dang Bridal ROM package, call me lazy, lazy to look for this and that plus I really have no extra time to look for one. I am very comfortable with her, we both speak the same language and she is a very nice lady, went last week to try on her gown, $688 for bouquet, MTM gown to keep, make up and hairdo. I got my heels at $10 from heatwave. was a steal.


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                Saw a ROM package from Jess Haute.. Anyone tried before? is she good?


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                  dior, Glamour Shots at suntec?


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                    If you are very cash tight please take note that the package has hidden costs, they will let you make the decision only later but you still get to decide if you want to top up $1000-1500 to changeyour package's ablum into a digital one, the difference is that instead of the standard pictures, they will colour enhance, merge & do digital effects making the album classier. & you might give in as at the end of the day - you only take such photos once in a life time so u might nto want to waste the chance to do so.

                    & with CD R as well it would be another $3000 - 4000 for increased photos as well & another say ablum altogether this $3-4K is $5-6K possibily.

                    YOu are essentially paying for the graphic artist/designer's work & also the negatives too will eb returned in some cases when you spen above a certain amount. But please take note to take a look at the digital styling 1st before you commit as you cannot take it home & do it yourself or pass it to someone else to do it. Also give them enoughtime so preferabily at least 6-8 weeks before collection for this & if you know you are fussy - give yourself more time.

                    So dont pick upa financial quarrel & bear this in mind - if you want to set aside some cash on top of the package you signed for.

                    They dont offer this to everyone as i was told if the timing is too narrow or your selection of pictures left only with one off pics as they need more of less 2-4 pics each theme to be able to make a nicer portfolio for the album - meaning that it just looks more sun (smooth) & not wierd funny ad hoc joints here & there - this is not worth doing a digital upgrading into CD R as well.

                    Landscape is also a better choice & more desired & hardered to do - however its the couple's choice. you can even pic sizes of your album they can be not so normal sizes too.

                    My uncle took this square mini album - i thought it was nice but making it square the photographer must have known it so that he can take the pictures to be able to make a nice square album.


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                      I think u can consider Zann & Denn. They have excellent customer service over there. Not those expensive stores charging high amount. But they are really good in terms of customer service. Design wise also nice. I'm thinking of getting package with them. I saw from their website, ROM is like $500? but maybe u can call them up and check with them. See if they have any ROM package which involves AD photographer as well. HTHS! and shld be comes with Tailored ROM dress to keep. Guess its the norm package.


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                        Hi smoochie,
                        Your shoes are a real steal! And nice too!
                        Yep, i'll be going over to glamour shots for my makeup/hairstyling. My Rom is at Conrad, so i could prob just walk or drive over to suntec instead of the makeup artist coming down. Save money.


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                          how's your conrad rom package like, i want a garden rom. =)


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                            Hi Smoochie,
                            Mine is a poolside Rom. Actually its indoors, but its beside the pool so the guests will be free to stay indoors in air-conditioned comfort or wander outdoors by the pool. Im having hi-tea for abt 70 pax. Initially wanted a small cosy solemnisation for abt 30 pax but in the end, realised that we have alot more friends than we think! :p


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                              Originally posted by jesdreamz
                              Hi, I'll be ROMing in Apr 2006.. Now sourcing for ROM packages from bridal studios as i feel packages will be lesser hassle...Does anyone has any recommendations or has come across any good promotions???

                              try the bugis satiago...

                              mine ROM gown from there.. ermm got a package then ROM package free... rom got gown (OTR), if not pay higher deposit to MTO. flower and men blazer.. make up and hairdo for both..

                              Ermm sth extra, photographer got good photographers...

                              That all...