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    Hi all pretty cotters,

    Does anyone have any recommendations for places to visit for shopping therapy? I just came back from Bangkok, now can't wait to plan for my next holidays destination.

    Can anyone advise me on where shall I target for my next holiday, where I can go shop, shop, shop?

    I'm addicted to shopping during my holidays. Shopping is a very good therapy for me to destress from work. Love the feeling of spend little money, but can buy lots of things home.

    Beside Bangkok, where else can I go? Will China be a good choice?

    Thanks for the help, in advance.

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    Hong Kong, Taiwan and Shanghai.


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      Bangkok too!


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        Other than BKK Hongkong, Osaka and KL

        japan may not be exactly cheap, but browsing itself is a therapy. that is the only place where I can spend a lot of time shopping.


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          For me it'll be BKK, HK, Taipei, Korea, KL, Japan and China.
          Depends on what you are looking for too. I think US and Europe have nice shopping places.


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            I thought, either I saw (interpreted) the title wrong or it's indeed wrongly titled. Isn't holidaying mostly (if not all) about shopping and (a wee fraction) sight-seeing? I thought finally someone's asking to be rescued from addiction to shopping

            If money is no issue, most big cities are good choices. Oz, Spain and Italy are some other countries you can churn your money to


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              HongKong is my all time favorite.
              if has money to spare, Japan, Europe and US would be nice.
              Europe definitely for cheaper branded items.
              Japan .. argh.. i think i won't be able to restrain myself here.. that's why i am still avoiding this one


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                If $$$ is not an issue, be sure to go to Italy and London during their sale period, especially in June! I bought loads of designer bags and jeans from Italy and London during my recent trip. Milan, Florence and London are my favourites!

                Got 50% off Miss Sixty Jeans, Prada (30% off), Guccis, Evitsu jeans, Lulu Guinness and Anya Hindmarch!


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                  hong kong, kl, US and london..
                  go during their sale period...
                  the great singapore sale pales in comparison to overseas sale...


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                    bangkok is still my favourite... !! still have not got the chance to try out taiwan/hongkong yet.. soon i believe!!! hehe..

                    but definately japan is a good choice , you can strike off the dept stores for apparels because its way too expensive and boring but their cosmetic /shoes / umbrella / supermarket is a must-see !!
                    visit the flea markets and shibuya/harajuku/asakusa areas for more good buys.. i went during their summer festival, i caught myself in the middle of their parade, most of the stores on the streets are having crazy sales... couldnt resist so i bought myself nice shoes from a superd courteous shop owner!! Then i visited some vintage shops that sells really neat stuff including american brands etc , got some good buys and didnt break my bank

                    Don't ever buy cosmetic from Ginza though... it's much more expensive than buying from any other dept stores in japan or DFS. But though more expensive , you get more freebies like wrapping paper , box , ribbons , cards etc from the prospective brands!

                    what's good to buy from Korea? i heard that the stuff there are mostly really ex.


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                      For Korea, if you love buying clothes, you must visit Dongdaemun market. There are so many shops there, and the shopping is all the way until 5am ! But it is not as cheap as Bangkok.


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                        The things I like about Bangkok are I can bargain for lower prices and I can spend like a Queen.

                        Things are cheap over there and the process of bargaining for better prices is fun & gives me a sense of accomplishment. The feeling of buying lots of things, without burning a hole in my pocket is great. The food in Bangkok is nice too.

                        Now looking forward to my next holidays, hoping I can also shop to my heart's content. My friends recommended Shenzhen. They say clothes from HK are actually supply frrom Shenzhen, but can buying at Shenzhen is a lot cheaper. So I'm considering Shenzhen, but wondering when is the best time to go.

                        Any other good recommendations or comments on Shenzhen?


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                          When are the sales period in Japan and Europe?


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                            Taipei and all the US factory outlets.
                            London and Aussie's flea markets should be a very good bet too.


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                              Originally posted by Sugarplum
                              When are the sales period in Japan and Europe?
                              sales in europe vary but there should be a huge sale coming up in a few weeks time because of christmas