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Buying gift vouchers for friends?

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  • Buying gift vouchers for friends?

    I really do not like to buy gifts for my friends because I hate the idea of buying something which she may not really like.

    So would prefer to buy gift vouchers.

    Thing is, because the value is printed on the vouchers - so my friends would of course know how much their "gift" is worth.

    Let's say that you've known this friend for a decade. How much value of a gift voucher is deemed "reasonable"?

    What kind of vouchers are better? Food? Fashion? Entertainment? Or would you base it on her personality?

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    i'm opposite from you..
    i dont like to give vouchers as i feel that it doesnt take much effort into buying a gift...
    something like slop shod stuff... anyhow buy kind...
    but since you have known your friend for a decade...
    then i guess its fine as both of you are pretty close...

    i have given ang pows and spa vouchers before...
    to subsidise some stuff which they wanna buy..
    but 100% of the cost will blow my budget...

    for close friends.. my budget is usually $50 up..
    it depends on the people in my group who are sharing the present too...

    it'll be good if you know what your friend has been lemming...
    as in a specific item.. then its easier to buy voucher from that particular place...
    like electrical store.. or shops like zara, levi etc.... or spa....
    if in doubt.. then get vouchers from general department store like takashimaya and isetan...
    so at least your friend can have a variety of things to choose from...

    and yeah..dont worry about the "value" being shown on the voucher...
    close friends dont bother about such stuff anymore..


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      for myself, when in doubt , ill buy gift vouchers,
      ard $50-$100 for those throwing parties (wedding, birthday)
      $20 -$50 for birthday wishes

      p.s i love giving spa/manicure vouchers they hardly go wrong!

      there is a local website dedicated to gift vouchers


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        I also dont like the idea of getting vouchers for friends' bday coz it shows that i did not put in effort in choosing present for her/him. Like anyhow, anything kinda attitude...

        So i guess u can like take note of what he/she wants? if really cant think of anything, try to buy something that is use-able in daily life...

        Like what my group of friends did is, we bought alot of stationeries and we wrapped into a hamper and gave it to our friend. And she was really shocked and find it very useful..


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          Personally, I prefer giving & receiving vouchers.

          During my son's first month celebration, we received so much gifts & most of them aint what we need as such, they are either in the store room, or given away (not as presents for occasions of course) .. when my girlfriend was pregant, i passed her so many baby sets which were really pretty but of no use to us .. (b'cos my son has alot already). I appreciate a couple of friends who gave me vouchers, which we use to buy stuff which we really need. I like Robinsons & Takashimaya vouchers

          Close friends: $60 for birthdays, $120 for weddings
          Colleagues & not so close: $40 for birthdays, $88 for weddings
          Kids: $24 or $40


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            I love vouchers. Convenient and practical.

            I'm not too concerned about the receipient knowing the amount. Especially not if it's between close friends, I trust friends won't be so calculative.

            Buy the amount that is similar to your gift budget. In this case, around $30 to $50 will do.

            My preference is store vouchers, I like Takashimaya vouchers because there's no expiry date.
            Originally posted by klibby
            Let's say that you've known this friend for a decade. How much value of a gift voucher is deemed "reasonable"?

            What kind of vouchers are better?


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              i suppose it's alright to get vouchers for friends? it works when you have absolutely no idea what they would prefer and it gives the other party a chance to go and get anything he or she fancies rather than i get something he or she might dislike.

              me and my friend just gave vouchers to one of our close friends for her birthday and we knew that it's been ages since she wanted to get a new pair of jeans from levis. so we went ahead and bought her vouchers and let her choose.

              i would think that it would be a better idea to get the friend vouchers according to her personality. or just pretend to ask casually if there's anything she needs at the moment and get the vouchers from the corresponding shop?


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                I prefer receiving gift vouchers, because more often than not, my friends end up buying stuff that I'll never use and just store in the drawers. Even my parents have given up buying gifts for me and give me cash as my b'day present. I don't think the receiver of the gift vouchers will be annoyed at the seemingly 'thoughtless' gift... after all, getting vouchers still takes an effort (to buy them), and this is better than not getting anything at all!


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                  I too have to agree with the purchase of vouchers for friends. It would be good for them to purchase something they would use and it would be better to get vouchers from places like Kinokuniya and Borders if the person likes to buy books and larger stores like Isetan, Tangs and takashimaya if they like to shop for clothing and fashion stuffs.