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  • Booking for air tickets online

    I have spent sometime in the past few days shopping for an air ticket online. As I am not sure when exactly i am coming back, I need a ticket with teh flexibility of change of date or open dated.
    I dun seem to make much progress, and got quite fed up with the difficulties of checking fare rules and confirming the information.

    Can someone recommend me a good site?

    I am getting a ticket to London.


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    Not quite sure if you can book open-dated tickets online.. And they are usually much more expensive.. Why not get a one-way ticket and then buy your return ticket when you have confirmed your dates?


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      Hi Lynn,

      Thanks. Yeah, I am wondering about it too.

      I thought of the one way option. But found that the one way return is in ? can can be really ex! (500-700?++)


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        An alternative.. Just call up any travel agent and ask abt the air tickets.. They should be able to do an open-date for you (within 6 months if I remember correctly)... It should be much easier than trying to figure it out online

        Maybe Chan Brothers?


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          should try the CTC..


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            Hi girls,

            Thanks for the suggestions. I will call up the suggested agencies. I have made an online booking through Misa travel and they got back to me promptly. I will call them for more details.

            I am also checking after reading about it in this forums. Still trying to get some feedback whether their customer service is good- got to depend on them to for the onward bookings and changes


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              Not sure if u tried already but why not just book direct thru the airlines' online websites? Qantas and British Airways have local websites and open-date option tickets (think they are called flexi tickets on the site)..
              I booked mine to London via Qantas and it was hassle-free! They emailed me the booking confirmation and the eticket.
              p/s: i didn't book via Zuji cos' Zuji charges a handling fee (ard $30-$60) for these airlines..


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                yeah, zuji have handling charges for these airlines.

                I also booked tickets for my SO through Qantas. very simple process! highly recommended if not for the fact that i will need to change date of return. I am really not sure what the processes will be like. They have quite a lot of caveats in their TnCs.

                i think flexi tickets are not really open date ones. just give you more choices of changes.


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                  I'm getting a ticket for my boss from SG > NYC > Germany > Japan > SG. I'm looking at and the fare comes up to US$8000, I was thinking is there a better/cheaper website to get the fare from or should I book with local travel agencies? TIA!


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                    usually i will book with local agency cos you can get corp rate and 30 days credit . moreover u liase via email, so u can get correspondant if anything goes wrong.. and also last minute changes with the very person liasing with you all along.

                    but sometimes certain airlines have promotion .. too cheap to resist, so book online . ( at times agency do have the airline promos too)


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                      Thanks Kelly, I spoke to a local SA said "No airline will fly with your itinerary; you have to fly back SG then to Germany. If not, it'll be too costly, it's all one way tickets. If you insist not to return to SG before going Germany, I'll give you a call back. - then no news from her haha...

                      anyone with experience booking with local agency, can you recommend your fave best deal/ best customer service agency. Or if you book online, which is your fave best deal site?


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                        you can try bargain travel.

                        [email protected] / 6536537

                        Look for angel, its quite difficult cos u have to inter link but its possible. hope you get it.


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                          Kelly! what's the last digit to Angel's tel? (you posted 6536-537)


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                            oh..sorry... 65365367

                            amanda here... kellyn's my nick...
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                              I tried to book airtickets via travel agencies but they always have a surcharge of about 2-3% if I pay by credit card vs cash/nets. is this standard?