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Dian Xiao Er aka HerbWonder Roast Duck

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  • Dian Xiao Er aka HerbWonder Roast Duck

    Anyone try this before? I've pass by the one at Taka, but the queue is long. Went to the Marina Sq branch last sat ard 3pm but they are closed; reopen at 5.30pm.

    Till now, no chance to try. Do they sell duck meat only? Or there are other good food to try out also? Pls comment if you have went there before. Thanks.

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    i've eaten there when their only outlet was in chinatown.
    my brother knows the owners, hence my parents thought they should show some support by eating there..haha.
    it's pretty cool that they are being more popular!
    they dont sell only duck meat
    it's like a chinese restaurant! their food, esp their duck, is nice


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      How much is the roast duck? Was going to get takeout but always passed them at the wrong times, e.g. after meals, so never wanted to go in and ask. TIA.


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        Only tried their herbal roast duck. Nice with their special sauce.

        But kind of expensive if you ask me - about $40 for 1 duck.


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          i had a family feast here just now. this is the first time we ate here. initially was deciding btw here or soup restuarant. luckily we tried here. the duck is simple marvelous!! the meat is really very tender ..there are 3 style, we tried the 1 with angelica herb and ten wonder herb. i personally prefer the ten wonder herbs as i felt the angelica 1 was abit too sweet for my feeling.

          the other must tried item is the fried mee sua. its really delicious!! the XO fried rice is also not bad, it tastes with a little spicness.

          another dish not to miss is the cereal nestum prawn!!

          but i feel the dong po pork was very average and the meat is quite hard!! the kai lan being the recommeded dish is also normal. the steam fish slice and seafood beancurd claypot is also ordinary with no much surpise..

          overall the food is worth trying!! i feel that the prices and food style is similar to the soup retuarant..


          please check it out :


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            I tried the 10 wonder herbs roasted duck too, was very nice! IIRC is about $12. Their signature tofu is nice too, taste like fishcake instead. The soup is delicious too! Not a bad place for dining!


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     SO loves roasted ducks, I don't mind either! Is not easy to find good roasted duck in Singapore. May I know the exact location in Taka? Do they sell peking duck?


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                Finally went to this place and it is in Marina Square. Is really packed with people waiting outside. We waited for half an hour. The menu book is so cute. Tried the $68 set for 3 person. Top up $11 plus for another quarter duck. It comes with 6 items and has this ten wonder duck in it. Everthing was good and tasty except the dessert cos it was those really cheap flaky hashima. Thanks for all the recommendations.


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                  i tried the duck roasted with wild ginseng and its good! skin is crisp and meat tender. their old style steamed fresh fish is so-so only. their cold ginseng tea is nice too. pricing is reasonable duck, fish, soup, xo fried rice, tea cost $55 for 2 pax. i think they have 10% or 20% discount for roast duck take-away during non-peak hours IIRC.


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                    Our set dinner included the old style steam fish slices too. Kinda like it cos it had the smell of herbs. The discount is for weekdays only. How's the XO fried rice? What soup did you have?


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                      the herbal roasted duck sounds sooo delicious!

                      so one whole duck (takeaway) costs $40 isit??

                      jemay, may i know your $12 portion is how big?


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                        Just good for 2 person portion!


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                          oh then I think a whole duck $40 for a family of 6 is more economical.

                          will try out this weekend.


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                            I am a duck meat lover. Went to tried the one at Marina square with my HB and 2 friends.
                            We had the $98 set meal for 4 and ordered extra dish which is the tofu and Ginseng duck. Total bill came up to be $160plus

                            For the duck, we had the ten wonder and ginseng. Its was nice but not really fantatics.... Maybe i was expecting the duck meat to taste of the herbs but it was did not. What is special is the sauce that is being serve with the duck that has the taste of the herbs.

                            The fish slice was disappointing, the tofu also.... The mongolia pork rib is a bit spicy but all bones.... The XO fried rice is great with a lot of ingredients. The fish maw soup that came with the set is terrible, i had a spoonful only.

                            I would say its a good experience, no regrets, but I won't be going back there to dine again.

                            Hmm... or maybe the next time, I will just order the fried rice and the danggui duck with I have not tried yet
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                              went there once with my family. loved their signature tofu and herbal duck the other dishes were esp the vegetables. it was tom yum vegetables iirc. imagine tom yum flavoured vegetables! totally horrid