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    hey ladies from singapore,
    a couple of weks ago, i saw channel 8 advertise twice that channel u would telecast the hong kong series movie titled" armed forces" but till now i do not see it..any one knows when it be screened or if i made a mistake
    it is part 4 if i am not wrong..
    okie now for a little description on the movie: its about some police and their lives
    there is " er jie" ,"san yuan her hubby and kids"
    san yuan got rape in part 3 i think and her son was kidnaped
    sry ladies i really do not know how to describe the movie..
    hope you sll understand what i am talking about
    by the way, scv has already show it!

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    You're talking about Armed Reaction IV. Not sure if Channel U will telecast it...