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  • Murdoch Uni

    Hi has anyone been to this uni before? My friend is going there for her studies. She is trying to find a suitable place to stay. Any recommendation?

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    didn't study in Murdoch. But i thought Murdoch have student housing? It is always good to stay in student housing initially and move to private housing after a semester cause you will know more about the place and have more friends as well and also which part of the campus you are studying so can get a house that is nearer to there.


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      was from murdoch college which is also on the murdoch campus....
      your friend might want to try winthrop, it is less than a 5 minute drive to murdoch uni....
      and a lot of singaporeans live them, they even have a local salon and cafe there that sell local food and drinks.


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        Hi thanks for your help. But sad to say, my friend is thinking of defering her studies by 0.5 yrs. Reasons is due to finaicial problem. we did a calculation together and we find out that studying in Aus is not as cheap as we thought it is suppose to be. Now we know.. Hopfully she be able to get a loan soon, to further her studies.


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          yeah i was thinking of gg Murdoch too.. The course i wanna take will amount to half a million if i were to add in lodging/food/misc stuff..
          very sad.. the cost is taking into consideration if i were to take a bank loan, because there'll be 7-8% of interest... =( this was after i asked the uni agency from Australia to help me estimate..