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  • swimming coach for kids

    Does anyone have got any swimming coach to recommend? Someone that will come to your place to teach.

    Whats the market rate like for a small group- will try to round up a few others.

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    you can try contact Sporty Joe


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      Tiffany did Marsden Swim School at Holland Road perhaps you like to try.


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        can i ride on this thread to ask if anyone knows of teachers who will teach babies of less than 6 months? I want to do it while his dive reflex is still there. Anyone here brought their babies swmming at this age?


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          Female Swimming Instructor

          Hi all

          I have 2years plus experience of teaching kids and adults from youngest, 4years old. Interested parties please email me at [email protected] for more enquiries. Thank You!

          Hui Hui


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            There is a free trial Swimming lessons for toddler from age 2 to 5 at Serangoon Swimming pool.
            I saw this advert, and thought that maybe some gals may bring kids together and we can join in the fun.
            I dont want to go alone.

            Email me.


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              Hi "Gahjahgirl",

              you can always bring your child to the public pool for a quick swim, of around 30-45mins as long as he doesn't feel cold yet. I have seen my cousin bringing her baby to the pool and her child really loves the water! After they went to the pool for about 4-5 months, the baby can hold his breath in the water for about 5 seconds!

              Her child was very adventerous once he hit the water, unlike some older ones which i've seen near the pool who were very afraid of even going near the water. I think starting early has some plus points, as they do not have any fear yet, and thus learning faster.


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                I know of a good swimming coach who's teaching in YCK and who's also keen to teach in condos

                Just Sharing


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                  Hi Mommies!

                  I'm thinking about bringing my baby for a swim soon. I was wondering is it better to wear a regular diaper, go bare or wear a swim diaper like the ones from Huggies?

                  I was reading through this blog The mummy blogger was talking about how good it is to use the swim diapers. What are your takes? Have any mummies here tried it?