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    Anyone been to Pattaya?

    I'm going to be in Bangkok for a week in Dec and I'm thinking of spending 2 days in a coastal area just to chill out, engage in seasports, etc. At first I was eyeing Phuket but it's 14 hours by bus from Bangkok, compared to about 3 hours for Pattaya.

    Did some research and found this excellent guide:

    Sounds like Pattaya has quite a few interesting activities!

    Any hotels to recommend?

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    Most travel agents would recommend Hard Rock Hotel.

    I stayed in Long Beach Spa and Resort. Not too bad a hotel. Nice, clean room with a fabulous view.

    You may wanna consider Mariott Hotel. I walked through the hotel before, and was extremely impressed by the whole look and feel!


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      Heh they're kinda out of my budget. I'm looking for a hotel near Jontien Beach, preferably less than S$80. Sigh.


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        the hard rock is absolutely fabulous. highly highly recommend it.
        our travel agent found a special for us which was something like stay 5 nights for the price of three so it was quite cheap

        and if you don't stay there, make sure you go to the foam party on saturday night! one of the best parties i've been to!


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          Shucks I'm only going to be there for one night, and it's Tuesday night! I'm staying at the Mecure Hotel, paid US$40 incl breakfast for two:


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            Hi gal,

            I will be going bangkok 16 Feb'06 - 22 Feb'05 I book my fight on line. Planning to headed to pattaya 19 Feb-20Feb Have no ideal how to book for the transport to pattaya. Please help me? And how / what transport to be book from pattaya to bangkok please help. THanks


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              You don't need to book tickets in advance. Just head down to the Eastern bus terminal near Sukhumvit (called Ekkamai or something) and buy your tickets on the day itself. Costs 90 baht one way, buses every 40 mins I think.


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                we caught a taxi to pattaya -the BF didn't want to catch a bus *snob* :p . you just ask a cab if they will take you to pattaya and agree on a price. we paid 1500 baht. sometimes the line for the buses can be huge and you can spend hours waiting to get on the bus :s

                on the way back, just book a taxi at one of the stalls. there are many on beach road and they have a big yellow sign that says 800B. it's 800baht + tolls so works out to be about 900 baht i think. they come and pick you up from the hotel at the time you choose and drop you back at the bkk airport or wherever you're going.


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                  Is it easier for me to go and find a local tour to go for a one day trip to Pattaya??


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                    is pattaya a good place to go? heard there there r alot of sleazy pub....