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Accident along AMK industrial Park 2, Appealing for Witnesses

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  • Accident along AMK industrial Park 2, Appealing for Witnesses

    erm..not sure if i'm allowed to mention this..but i got this from aother local forum, and she's looking for witness. Do help if you happen to witness the accident. Do help to forward the message to as many friends as you can as well. Thanks.
    __________________________________________________ __________________________

    My dad met with an accident last sunday morning and had passed on...
    I need to find witnesses to help the police with this case.

    It happened at last sunday 13/11/2005 morning, at around 7.01am. My dad was riding a greenish/milk color Phantom TA200, plate no FV4136D.

    The accident scene happened just before AMK seagate (Yio chu kang Road or near hougang point) at AMK industrial park 2. He was on his way to AMK ave 5. I have attached a map to show roughly where it happens.

    The driver was moving behind my dad. He was driving a class 3 lorry YL526R. He was charged with drink drive. He failed the test.

    He hitted my dad's bike and my dad flew off from the bike. Instead of stopping, he continued DRIVING with my DAD's BIKE BELOW HIS LORRY...He drove till the opposite side of AMK Indust park 2 and he stopped outside Blk 5023. It was KILOMETRES away from the accident scene.

    His name is Stephen Lee, 33. He's driving his company lorry. My dad was badly injured and was sent to TTSH and pronouced dead at ard 8.40am.

    Im appealing for witnesses to help with this accident.

    My poor dad died of multiple injuries.

    He is a lovely father of 3 children. I am the eldest. He is a very nice dad. My parents were divorced years back and he struggled to take care of us. He works very hard to support us. After the divorce, he wasnt living a gd life either, thanks to the bit*h who gave birth to me.

    I know he has been struggling hard. He just wanna watch us finish our studies, working and settle down.

    I started working 4 years ago ago and I thought I cld give him better life, lessen his burdens.

    But because of this reckless driver, my dad just passed away so suddenly. Everyone loves him. He dun deserves that at all.

    Now, I am the sole bread winner of this family. My sister 20, and brother 18 are still studying. But I promise my DAd what I will take care of them. Most importantly, let them study finish and have a hse for them to stay.

    So I hope, if you guys witness this whole accident, please inform the police or u can email me to contact me. my email is [email protected]

    Thank you very much.
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    gosh, this is so sad

    y such driver ever exist?

    really hope witnesses can come forward to help.
    maybe we shld cut n paste this, n frwd out as email huh?

    its surely not easy on e girl & her siblings fr now on, but i can feel that she is a strong girl
    her father will be watching over them


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      oh no...that's sad. And the driver ought to be shot . does that mean that the driver was caught n she need eye witnesses to support the case?

      wonder whether we can fwd out in an email...


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        i think we can..just copy & paste the entire chunk into a new email message. at least that's what i did..

        i guess the least we can do for her is to forward and pass on this message to as many people as possible and hope that she finds the witnesses soon..


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          How did the person know the driver's name?


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            Perhaps from the license plate?


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              Oh ok, I misread the article. I thought she is looking for the driver. My bad.


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                yes. please help her. she's my the sister of my friend. it's very sudden.. do hope that there will be eye witnesses around.. their dad really means a lot to them..
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                  really sad incident.. kinda reminds me of my brother's friend who died in an accident too.. =(

                  but a bit OT here.. i don't think it's wise to use maps from cos u have to pay for them.. my SO's friend had to pay 10K for one map he used on his website without knowing the consequences...


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                    I have received a replied email from her and please help her if u can. This is not a hoax i believe.


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                      I worked near there.
                      But it's a sunday so not much people are working.

                      Meaning the driver hit and run and run away from the lorry as well?
                      Alamak! Why there's such people. Don't they feel guilty?


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                        i was just going to say, it's better to remove the map. like what razzleydazzley mention, it's copyright.
                        probably mod can help to remove the 2nd map.


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                          gosh. thanks for the reminder! removed the images!