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  • Sesame Street VCDs or DVDS

    Question for all the mommies on this board... where can I find Sesame street VCDs or DVDs in Singapore? I've been hunting around but haven't seen them at all. TIA!

    Mods, pls move this thread if it's in the wrong forum thanks

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    I am not from Singapore but if you have Anakku boutiques in Singapore, you should be able to find them there. Also try those big music stores such as HMV and Tower Records if they have children sections. I should think that Sesame Street VCDs and DVDs are very easy to find since they are very popular. My baby loves them so I have about 10 in my collection now


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      I've seen some at the Sesame Street Fair now on at Taka B2 Atrium. Alternatively is go to Toys R Us.


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        ooh, thanks ladies! I've been looking in VCD shops and all I ever seem to see is Barney and cartoons.


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          I've seen them at popular bookstore under the educational vcds. For sure the Northpoint branch has some. The larger Populars should have it too... Hths!


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            Ariel, which of the VCD is good for younger children? I have the one where Elmo teaches how to wear clothes, I found it quite amusing but Cae-Lyn got bored of it quite quickly. Is there a more suitable one for 1 yr +?

            ae260, if you're ever in KL, Sesame St VCDs are easily available and they're quite cheap at about RM14 each (about S$6.50). These are the original ones.


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              mogmick, my baby has an Elmo doll that she loves to bits so I guess that's why she enjoys watching Elmo VCDs. Her favourites are Kids Favourite Songs and Kids Favourite Songs 2. She loves all the songs in them She also loves Elmo's World and I find the series really educational. I only have two - Babies, Dogs and Farm plus Waking up with Elmo which talks about Sleep, Getting Dressed and Teeth. I discovered that she's learnt a lot while watching these VCDs and because of her love for Elmo, she never gets bored of watching them!


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                I agree Elmo and Sesame Street are quite educational. Popular, Toy's R Us and Kiddy Palace will have these also major dept stores like Taka, Isetan, Metro.