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  • Hey gals, anyone in School of Art Media & Design?'
    I'm planning to apply for that course but I would like to find out more about the school..
    Is is hard to get in?


    • hometutorsdogsg Really? I'm really interested in the course but I just want to check the standard of the students artistically that they usually admit.. Is it hard to get in? My GP is a B so I guess my english is fine


      • Originally posted by hometutorsdotsg
        Well you certainly need to be good in your English and enjoys writing
        this is incorrect. there is VERY little writing involved in the school of art design and media.

        you can find out more here:


        • thx BohemianVanilla for the link!
          Can I ask, are you a student there?
          If yes, can you tell me more about ADM?


          • any cotters who are currently in NTU, any upcoming career fair at the campus?


            • Originally posted by hometutorsdotsg
              Erm normally in Arts and media you need to have good English writing skills.
              *slaps head* I am appalled that singaporeans do not have a clue about the difference between fine arts and humanities/social science.

              Fine arts degrees - this refers to Graphic design, Multimedia, TV/Film courses that do not have many written exams, hence you do not need good English writing skills. Most modules are assessed based on coursework and practical projects and entry to these courses usually require a portfolio. The NTU ADM course is a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. If you look at the curriculum: , you will notice that most of the core and prescribed modules are workshop based, i.e. you would be working on producing art works, not sitting on a table writing essays.


              Arts (or more accurately, humanities or social science) degrees - this refers to Media studies, Communication studies, Mass Communication, Journalism courses that require you to have good English writing skills because of a greater emphasis on theories and academic research. The NUS Bachelor of Arts (major in Communication and New Media) and NTU Bachelor of Communication Studies are social science degrees.

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              • Looking For Roommates

                Hi I am looking for a roommate who is also being assigned to hall 9.. I am a year 1 freshmen who is studying bussiness.. I am looking for a roommate who does not mind to share the room with my sister, who is a Chinese and Singaporean. For those who are interested, please e-mail to me at [email protected]


                • Hey all! If any girl in NTU wants to rent out her room/slot in hall (especially if u're a freshie and u'll be automatically get a room... Or u don't wish to stay in hall after some time....), please PM me or E-mail me at [email protected].


                  • Hi everyone!

                    Selling: Developing Business Information Systems *Required for NTU Accounting Course: AC 213
                    by Sia Siew Kien, Koh Siew Kuan, Pelly K. Periasamy, Kenny Lee
                    Condition: 10/10
                    (Selling at $20)

                    Note: All textbooks are original and first hand in very good condition with no writings and highlights!

                    Interested parties, feel free to contact me at 90732118.



                    • Firm supporter for all our NTU cotters here


                      • Hi all! Here is the list of NTU NBS textbooks that my boyfriend is selling.

                        AB102: Accounting, What the numbers mean, 8th ed, by Marshall, McManus, Viele
                        Condition: 9.5/10

                        AB 105: Organizational Behavior, 4th ed, by McShane and Von Glinow
                        Condition: 5/10

                        AA202: Cost Management, A strategic Emphasis 5th Ed, by Blocher Stout Cokins
                        Condition: 9/10

                        You can contact him at 90293791.


                        • I'm planning to take Jap level 4 next semester (will be S/Uing it) and most probably BS803 Biology in popular media if I were to grab a place. My friend will be joining me but nevertheless I'd like to get to know more people taking the same electives!


                          • any ex ntu cotters?

                            my friends and I were wondering..
                            for convocation in ntu...
                            how are the seats allocated??
                            according to grades/ honours? or???


                            • myrtle: from last yr senior experience it should be alphabetical order at least that's the case for my school. will be super omg if it is grades!


                              • popiah: alright! thanks! =) cus nus's is by grades.. thats why we we wondering.. =)