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  • Eating OUT with toddler

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    Mel, I have the same problem... I haven't really given her anything from outside except fish and tofu and bread. I hate the fact that porridge seems a little mushier or watery when brought out. looking for places where she can have table food where it's not too salty. When can we give them kiddy meals? sigh...

    i have the pigeon bowl. I don't really like it as I find it doesn't really mash up meat or veg that well. But I've a friend who can't do without it??? so in the end I still use a fork and spoon to tear it up. the munchkin food mill seems rather bulky and difficult to clean so I always end up not buying.


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      I brought food out for her when she was younger because she is on a organic diet. I always thought the food outside is too much preservative/ too salty/ msg.

      After she turned 18months I was more relaxed and let her sample most of the table food that I pass my strict criteria. Now she takes anything, salty/ msg anything..


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        Crystal Jade porridge is very nice and suitable for baby. Crystal Jade la mian is also nice, soft, and very fresh since it is made on the spot. The soup is not salty at all.

        Sorry I think I am Crystal Jade fan.


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          I have both the Munchkin and Pigeon bowl, and rarely used them outside. I only use the Pigeon bowl to store cooked cereals when we go out.

          The Munchkin is good only for soft cooked food, it's not useful at all if the food pieces are not soft enough as the unmilled food remains below like some dried pulps. Similarly for the scrap surface, you can only mash food that is well-cooked, it will be difficult for fibrous or veiny food like vege or meat.

          I went out for lunch with a mother with her toddler, and I saw her feeding him Chawanmushi, personally wouldn't give that to my kid cos I find it wee too sweet, ***** MSG or something, really don't know. But I'd imagine kids one day will be exposed to MSG sooner or later, just a matter of time.

          Originally posted by Medusa
          Need some advice from experienced mums- any suggestions of places/ outlets/ food to order for a young toddler (>1yr)? I don't like to carry babyfood/ porridge out, and am starting tablefood (with some limits) for her.
          I'm out with her.

          Does the Pigeon bowl with a scrape surface work? I heard Munchkin (I think) foodmill is difficult to use.


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            Agree with the sooner or later but I rather later much much later then sooner because of the immature disgestive system that all kids have although I know some mom swear that it doesn't matter for me by delaying I get a peace of mind and no hard right?


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              Originally posted by tamarind
              Crystal Jade porridge is very nice and suitable for baby. Crystal Jade la mian is also nice, soft, and very fresh since it is made on the spot. The soup is not salty at all.

              Sorry I think I am Crystal Jade fan.
              crystal jade has msg in the food. even the porridge. i asked before... i am allergic to msg so suspect she might have the same allergies. wait till she's older than try...


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                  How old is your toddler?

                  If you child can't really chew tougher food...then I guess you still have to revert back to the home-cook food..they are still the best ***.

                  BUT, if your kids can chew most type of food. You can let him/ her to try most stuff.

                  My girl is very adventurous..shortly after she turns 1, she just refuse to eat porridge. BUT she just love our grown-up food. So, she eat whatever we eat (home and outside).

                  1) Rice (any type..char siew rice, chicken rice, mixed veg rice....etc)
                  2) noodles with soup
                  3) Western food : bread, grilled fish...sometime they do serve vegetables soups. (that will be great!),
                  4) Fast Food : I will choose Fillet burger (without mayo) just the fish with cheese.. "break" the buger into smaller portion..She loves it!

                  Even at chinese restaurant... you can try rice with dishes like tofu, eggs, vegetables like Broccoli, steam fish...etc...

         thing is I always bring along a small pair of scissor to cut the food in smaller pieces (eg. meat, noodle, vege...etc) so that it is easier for them to eat.

                  And when they are younger...sometime if they didn't eat much, I always bring along bread and cheese for them to they will not be so hungry .

                  As for the vegetables part...hmmm if there isn't any serving of vegetables that is suitable for the child, I will probably subsitute with fruits or fresh fruit juice?

                  Afterall, the kid don't eat out the entire shouldn't be so concern. Most importantly make the child enjoy outing together with you...

                  Just my


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                    Agree with Faith!! I used to be very hung up and uptight (hubby's words) on anything concerning my daughter. While she is not on any organic diet, I did make sure that the food she takes contain no added salt, msg and sugar. Now that my daughter has turned out to be an extremely fussy eater and has even taken to spitting out food and not being adventurous at all in her food choices, people sorta "blame" (for want of a better word) me for closeting my daughter as such until she "doesn't know how to eat" (my mother's words)!

                    Finally because of her plain bread/rice and soup diet, I now close BOTH eyes and let her eat whatever she wants (fish, herbal chicken, egg fooyong etc) whenever we have meals outside. Anything, as long as she takes some meat!! I was that desperate! But my daughter is now a few months short of 2 years, so I am more relaxed as well... We let her try anything, but I will try to scrape off any too sweet/salty sauce (eg spareribs) before giving her the meat. Will also order fresh fruit juice for her to drink, which she really loves. For this reason, the coffeshop type of ala carte dinners (those da pai dang) is quite suitable for us since they provide baby chairs, and we can give her rice and a sampling of the dishes we are having.

                    When my gal was younger, we will bring thermos flask of her porridge (since we cook once a day for her meals), or else jars of baby food (if we didn't cook). She liked yoghurt, so we bring out a jar as her snack if we are having a late lunch. Other than that, we don't really do any special preparation for her. Now we don't even have to do that anymore! She just eats what we eat, mostly just some rice with meat/fish (unfortunately, no way of squeezing some veggies in). Else I will just get her soyabean curd.


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                        Check with you mummies

                        What brand of Yogurt do you give your kids?

                        I was looking for this brand called Yoplait Petit Miam

                        They have packs of six for children, as well as packs of four for babies, has anyone tried this? Any feedback?

                        Also is it better to buy plain yogurt and add our own fruits, or it's ok to give the flavoured ones directly to the kid?


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                          Actually both my girl and boy eat wholesome porridge at home everyday. Even when we go out, we will always make sure we feed them at home first.

                          When we have meals outside, I let them try everything from as young as 10 months old. It's usually just a few spoons. Now my girl is 2 years old, she will eat everything outside. There was once we were at a wedding banquet, she was eating every one of the 10 courses, all the other guests were amazed.


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                            Originally posted by Marge
                            I was looking for this brand called Yoplait Petit Miam
                            I have given this to my baby boy before, he likes it. But this yogurt is low fat and has sugar. I prefer to feed my boy full fat yogurt, because he is quite skinny. I usually give him SKI Divine strawberry favour. I am the kind who is not concerned about feeding sweets to my babies, because I am addicted to sweets myself.


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