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    Hi any tips or guides on organisation of guests list?
    Last year my SO's sister got married and just relatives on his side is 60 tables!
    Mine will only be about 3-5 tables...
    But his friends about 20 and my friends about 15!!!
    Where should we start from?
    Just getting the namelist done up is already a huge headache...

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    I think the most basic thing to start from, is your budget.
    If you can afford a lot, then invite everyone who is close enough to you.
    Else, you have to prioritise.

    I did mine in an Excel sheet, sure works well as a gauge and calculation.


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      I say standardization is very important. I made 2 lists, in excel too. 1 list is according to tables, and the other in alphabetical order.

      For everyone's name, I put their surname in front. No matter how tempting it is to call a family member Ah Gou, for example, put the surname in front for both lists (eg. Tan Ah Gou). Same goes for English names (eg. Tan, Kevin). If they come with partner put Tan, Kevin (Mr & Mrs) or with family Tan, Kevin (& family).

      Your reception helpers will find it very very helpful with 2 lists. Coz if they cannot find the name in the tables list, they check the list in alphabetical order, then go back to the tables list to tick as present.

      It's important to tick the tables list though, 'coz there might be shifting around to do if some tables are empty or too full (due to pple who don't turn up etc.) and it's easier to arrange in the table listing.

      You might find it too tedious, but I did this for my wedding of 50 tables, coz I didn't want things to become chaotic when I'm upstairs doing my makeup. And everything worked out fine.

      Another tip: Do not make replicate copies for all reception helpers. If say you have bride family, bride friends, groom family, groom friends - 4 big categories, put the list into 4 separate sheets. But combine 1 for the 5th person who consolidates everything and changes seats for tables half-full. Otherwise it gets very confusing when everyone has the same list and say Tan, Kevin comes and his name is ticked on 1 person's list but not others' list.


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        Thanks thats really helpful!


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          Dear caden,

          Thankies very much for your advice. I'm in the midst of preparing my guestlist. Really a headache. Really *** think about the surname and alphabetical order thingy. Sounds really useful to me!


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            Hi kido and blueybubble,

            Glad to be able to help and share my experience