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Meet the <Perhaps Love(如果爱)> stars!! (2005 Best Love movie)

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  • Meet the <Perhaps Love(如果爱)> stars!! (2005 Best Love movie)

    The beautiful stars of upcoming movie <Perhaps Love>如果爱, Takeshi Kaneshiro 金城武and Zhou Xun周迅(The Leading Actress of Legend of the Condor Heroes 射雕英雄传,黄蓉), will be in town next Monday, together with acclaimed director Peter Chan陈可辛.

    They will be meeting fans and promoting the movie at the Victoria Theatre (near Raffles Place) at 8.00pm next Monday.

    In the movie, Takeshi plays actor Lin Jian Dong, the star in a new musical helmed by renowned director, Nie Wen (Jacky Cheung)张学友.

    Coincidentally, Lin?s co-star, Sun Na (Zhou Xun), is a former lover who left him a decade earlier for Nie who made her a star.


    中国报 November 29, 2005 18:32

    (新加坡讯 )金城武、周迅和陈可辛将按照行程,在后天(4日)从马来西亚乘搭新航班机飞往新加坡,下午3时15分抵达 樟宜机场。一票人在新行程大致如下:
      《如果?爱》是近20年来首部在维多利亚剧院举行首映的影片,也是有史以来第一部获准在维多利亚剧院举 行首映的亚洲电影。
      发行《如果?爱》的邵氏机构当晚将在剧院外精心布置长达70米的红地毯,并在晚上7时开始?红地毯时间 ?。除了金城武等三人,电影公司有意安排本地导演走红地毯。


    (新加坡讯 )邵氏一掷5万大元(新币),让《如果.爱》在12月5日成为20年来,第一部在新加坡维多利亚剧院首映的 华语电影。
    为了迎接男女主角金城武、周迅和导演陈可辛,维多丽利剧院外届时将铺设70米长的红地毯,两位巨星倘佯在微 风之中走红地毯的当儿,还可以抬头欣赏夜空的点点星光,为维多利亚剧院拼凑这20年来最完美的 一个图画。
    邵氏的华语影片,一般都在新加坡乌节路的丽都戏院举办首映,即使是影坛大哥成龙的《神话》、年轻偶像周杰伦 、陈冠希、余文乐等合作的大片《头文字D》,都也逃不出这个?传统?框框。
    邵氏宣传一哥说:?这次把戏院搬到剧院,主要是因为我们觉得电影的整体感觉和气息,和维多利亚剧院很文艺、 很高格调的感觉非常接近、契合,与此同时,我们当然希望给《如果.爱》的演员、新加坡的影迷、甚至是媒体, 一个最难忘的电影首映。?
    他说:?正因《如果.爱》不是一部普通、传统的片子,我们这次更希望把首映礼做得特别,尤其希望提升整个观 赏电影的经验。?
    据他说,包括金城武、周迅和陈可辛在内,随《如果.爱》来新的20人大阵仗,将在12月4日下午3时,由马 来西亚抵新,不过班机尚未确定下来。

    Address : 9 Empress Place Singapore 179556
    Tel: (65)63388283
    Fax: (65)63395440
    Seating Capacity : 904
    Car Park Facilities: Parliament House Basement Car Park.
    Snack Bar/ Cafe: Cafe C&J
    Public Transport :
    Nearest MRT Station: Raffles Place
    Bus number :
    Empress Place Bus Stop - SBS 75,545,547,555,556,540. TIBS 608.
    Fullerton Bus Stop - SBS 82,97,100,107,130,131,162,501,511,167,700. TIBS 605,607.

    More info,更多资讯:
    周迅网站 - 三言二拍社区

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    r u serious?? takeshi is coming to singapore??!?!?
    damn.. its by invitation only.... i'm so near yet so far from the man of my dreams!!
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      its a good movie, must watch.


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        金城武 ohhhhhhhhh ... so near yet so far away


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          ah~! If only I can get to see him!
          can't wait for the movie to be released!


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            Ooooohhhh.. takeshi looks so young n totally yummy wth short hair..... I want him for Xmas..... :wow: :wow: :wow:


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              Can catch him at the red carpet walk what!

              You will Love this

              Nov 29, 2005
              The Straits Times

              CHRISTMAS will come earlier this year for fans of Takeshi Kaneshiro.

              The Japanese star will be in town next Monday for the gala premiere of his latest movie, Perhaps Love.

              The leading lady, China's Zhou Xun, and the director, Hong Kong's Peter Chan, will also be attending the premiere at Victoria Theatre.

              It will be the first time in 20 years a film is being screened at Victoria.

              They will walk the red carpet at 7pm. The movie, a musical also starring Hong Kong singer-actor Jacky Cheung and Korean actor Ji Jin Hee, will be shown at 8pm.

              Cheung and Ji will not be coming here, however.

              Two hundred premiere passes will be sold at the Lido box office from today at $35 each. Proceeds go to the Muscular Dystrophy Association Singapore.

              The movie opens on Dec 8.


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                anyone has the contact number for lido box office?? tried going to the shaw website.. it's down!


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                  Maybe this?
                  Lido Theatre
                  350 Orchard Road, #05-00, Shaw House, Singapore 238868
                  Tel : 6732 4124

                  This pic is nice!


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                    Takeshi Kaneshiro looks "yummy delicious"!!!


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                      watched this show yesterday at Cineleisure. It very very good!! superb!!!
                      it just like a chinese version of Moulin Rouge.


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                        I caught it last night at Cine too!!!

                        The show is a must watch! Zhou Xun is gorgeous too....


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                          All these raves about the movie, I can't wait to watch it!


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                            For those who missed the Victoria Theatre Premiere event, you can visit the following webpages, apparently there is a fans in SG following their activitivies here...