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    I have a colleague who house number was cut off yesterday. Reason was she didnt pay up her bill. And the bill sum up to be about 2k. :wow:

    She got an shock! The amount are mainly from 1900 chat line which is $1.95 per min!
    She had check with all the family members and all confirm that they did not call the 1900 chat line!

    Anyone here also had this problem before and successful refuse to pay the amount charge for using the 1900 chat line?

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    i was with SingTel once and such complains are normal .. AND it is not easy to get a waiver. Basically, SingTel is merely billing these calls on behalf of the providers & they may not be helpful enough to help you raise the disputes .. really depends on who you speak to but the 1626 & billing staff are more like operators than customer service. Perhaps ask you friend to write in? I know they have an email: [email protected] however, to be frank, the calls are more than often genuine, as in someone in the family DID make the call but is not admitting ..


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      She called the hotline and manage to talk to one of the senior. She actually requested to talk to the manager.
      Currently she only need to pay the outstanding amount excluding the chat line charges. Singtel will do the rest of the checking. She is very sure her kids did not make those calls. Those chat line charges sum up to 1.9K just in 4days. :wow:
      Come to think if it $1.95 per min that means need to chat at least 16hrs in 4days. On the average need to chat at least 4hrs a day. :wow:

      So those who have kids at home or kids with handphone, better call up to block 1900 audio calls.


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        wow 1.9K?
        That's scary. Hope this problem is resolved fast!
        Anyway i think 1900 lines are quite lame especially those that call to speak to girls.


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          did she find out what the audio calls are for? ie chatlines? ringtone downloads? TV text advertisments? donations? and the hours which the calls are made? very often, kids may be misled by those TV ads which kept prompting viewers to call in ..


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            She didnt received the bill at all so cant tell is calling to what? Only know is all to Audio Calls. Her kids are ranging 7 to 18years old. Those with handphones should know what are those Audio Calls. So they wont anyhow call. Those younger ones dont even know what is it about!


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              hey girls! just curious.. how is it possible to bill the wrong person? and such a huge amount some more..


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                A long time ago, it was possible to tap into home lines and make calls but that was ages ago & i aint too sure if SingTel has found a way to combat this though .. and no point checking with the hotline operators .. they won know a thing i believe.