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Closet Affair - 'In' Nu Huang

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    Anyone who've been watching this regularly? Ironically, the person who started this thread doesn't have the time to watch this regularly since i'm hardly @ home!

    Or are there many anti-Fann girls like me out here?


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      I'm anti-Fann, but trying to catch episodes every week..

      This week was about accessories?

      Nothing much to rave about, though I liked Fann's impish-looking cap ...


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        I've caught the show here and there a few times. The items they showcase are interesting enough. Conversation content isn't very interesting or witty, I guess this depends on natural flair for hosting. Somehow this show lacks punch, it doesn't hold your attention for long. I think the presentation method of the show needs to be improved.


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          Agree that the show has no punch. Interesting to look at the stuffs they owned though... especially the bags episode, so envious... the other episode i caught is the latest accessories episode...


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            always make it a point to catch the show, because the things they show are interesting. but fann wong cant be a host for nuts. she speaks like one phrase, by one phrase with very limited vocab.


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              the coming one will be about skin care products which interest me but i do agree this show has no punch. and yes fann cannot be a host


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                i think the show is copying too much from taiwan's Nu Ren Wo Zui Da. from the contents to the information provided, everything can be found on the show. it's just like a short summary of the show and it's rather disappointing coz the information were way too little to be informative unlike the latter.

                anyways, i still catch it weekly and found the products way too expensive for normal people like us unlike Nu Ren Wo Zui Da, they do intro DIY or cheap products.

                dislike fann and the way she speaks and acts cute/demure on the show.


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                  actually, after watching the show i always wonder if those actresses are really rich or what. always able to afford expensive skin care products, bags, boots, and stuff like that. If i remember correctly, that time Constance Song did bring a pair of boots to the show and the boots cost like about 1k or 2k? Do they really earn that much?


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                    if im not wrong, her boots cost $4000. remembered her saying that she saved 4 months for it as she really like it alot.

                    the only interesting part of the show is where we get to see what the celebs own. otherwise, nothing much.

                    the last episode on skincare is really not good. the products that fann 'brought' are all from BELLA. i understand that they have to do this since BELLA sponsor the show.. but is kinda disappointing. didn't learn much.


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                      I agree....the last episode felt like an infommercial for Bella, totally lack of respect for consumers' choice! I bet the Bella clients insisted on the skincare episode to be like that.
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                        The way Fann Wong speaks is so "staged". Can't she talk normally?


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                          and both guests, michelle & the other artiste (sorry cant rembr her name), were raving about some of their best products, only to show us the back of it .. i was glued to the TV for that moment when michelle mentioned that particular mask/essence tightens her skin and makes her pores look almost non-existent .. and she wasnt allowed to tell us what she is using .. damned that auntie-bella consultant .. its like a Media TV for promoting Bella products .. so fake and boring .. who in the world wouldnt 卖花赞花香!!

                          and yes that fann is forever acting cute .. my god! she is 34 if i aint wrong yet behaving like she's 14? No one ever teaches her to speak properly? though i agree she's got a pretty face but the way she carries herself totally pissed me off ..


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                            dear kye,

                            you've said it all for me!


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                              i did?? hee hee hee
                              i thought i would be be labelled malicious when i was posting my comments


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                                I thought the show was an exact copycat of Mei Li Yi Neng Jie hosted by Annie Yi Neng Jing (harlem Yu's wife).

                                Haven't not watch Mei Li Da ren, so no comments. BTW, what time does this show airs?

                                In anyway, the show was a poor copycat of the original. Having a sponsor in the show mean promotion for that brand. This is a grave mistake as we are all bombarded and barraged by advertisment everyday. Don't need anymore of that.

                                Keeping the show neutral and hear out the reviews and faves of the guest is a more subtle and persuasive means of advertising.

                                Which I think is the success behind Nu Ren Wo Zui Da. They are not paid to promote certain brand aggressively (speaking not from the heart but the pocket) but rather review the strength of the product selected.

                                I caught snippets of IN Nu WANG but nothing will take me away from Nu Ren Wo Zui Da which is airing at the same time!

                                I love Nu Er Lao Shi!!

                                OT: Heard that Fann Wong went for Vit-C whitening which is the reason for her fairness and saw an article on it in the magazine Nu Ren Wo Zui Da.
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