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  • News about Tommy Hilfiger!!!

    I've received a email today with these contents:
    (Anyone knows is this for real? Or a prank? If this is indeed real, i feel so disgusted! this means if i own anything from tommy, then i must be low class then!)

    Subject: FW: If u r an Asian,African or Jewish......PLS DON'T BUY ANYTHING from Tommy Hilfiger!!!

    >?If u r an Asian,African or Jewish......PLS DON'T BUY ANYTHING from
    >?I'm sure many of you watched the recent taping of the Oprah Winfrey
    >?show where her guest was Tommy Hilfiger. On the show, she asked him if
    > statements about race he was accused of saying were true. Statements
    >?like "If I'd known African-Americans, Hispanics, Jewish and Asians
    > would?buy my clothes, I WOULD NOT have made them so nice. I wish these
    > people
    > would *NOT* buy my clothes, as they are made for upper class white
    >?people." His answer to Oprah was a simple "YES". Where after she
    >?immediately asked him to leave her show.
    >?My suggestion? Don't buy your next shirt or perfume from Tommy
    >?Let's give him what he asked for. Let's not buy his clothes, let's put
    >?him in a financial state where he himself will not be able to afford
    > the ridiculous prices he puts on his clothes.
    >?then send it to the whole community that's not white people and see the
    >?result. We have to see the result of unity. Let's find out if Asian and
    > Non-white really play such a small part in the world. Stop buying any
    >?range of their product, perfume, cosmetics, clothes, bags, etc., etc.
    >?Scene took place on a BA flight between Johannesburg and London. A
    >?white woman, about 50 years old, was seated next to a black man.
    >?disturbed by this, she called the air Hostess. "Madam, what is the
    > matter," the hostess asked." You obviously do not see it then?" she
    >?responded. "You placed me next to a black man. I do not agree to sit
    > next to someone from such a repugnant group. Give me an alternative
    > seat." "Be calm please," the hostess replied. "Almost all the places on
    > this flight are taken. I will go to see if another place is available."
    > the Hostess went away and then came back a few minutes later. "Madam,
    >?just as I thought, there are no other available seats in the economy
    >?class. I spoke to the e captain and he informed me that there is also a
    > seat in the business class. All the same, we still have one place in
    >?the?first class." Before the woman could say anything, the hostess
    > continued: "It is not usual for our company to permit someone from the
    > economy class to sit in the first class. However, given the
    >?circumstances, the captain feels that it would be scandalous to make
    > someone sit next to someone so disgusting." She turned to the black
    >?guy,?and said, "Therefore, Sir, if you would like to, please collect
    >?hand luggage, a seat awaits you in first class." At that moment, the
    >?other passengers who were shocked by what they had just witnessed stood
    >?up and applauded.
    >?This is a true story. If you are against racism, please send this
    > message to all your friends; please do not delete it without sending it
    > to at least one person.
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    I heard of this last year, but not from the Oprah show... unsure whether it's true Why would he want to set up shops here?


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      I know abt this fact many years ago and that's the reason why he never use any models from real black or Asian people... he is v racist.


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        Seem it's an urban legend?

        Read more here:

        Claim: Designer Tommy Hilfiger shocked the world when he appeared on a television talk show and said, "If I knew that blacks and Asians were going to wear my clothes, I would have never designed them."
        Status: False.



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          I think that's a rumour. Go to and do a search on the keywords "hilfiger racist.".
          Here are some sites I found:

          Perhaps we should change the tilte of this thread so others won't mistaken without clicking in to read.


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            oops, so the email is some sort like a prank. The email ask receiver to mass sent to everyone, lucky i did not or else tommy will be wrongfully blame.

            Oh dear, feel so bad putting up a thread on this


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              I have heard about these. But I thought I saw an Asian and some Blacks in his recent ads?


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                I too have heard of this . My US friend also says Tommy the brand is one stuck up brand and quite racist to those who are whites IMO.
                I heard Abercrombie too


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                  heard about this quite long ago...


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                    Never wrong him, this is true. He actually commented before years ago that if he knows asians and blacks will wear his brand, he will not design them.


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                      is this true? then its rather opposite with what he's doing recently. he just did his latest campaign in Shanghai no less........


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                        Yup I heard of this also quite some time ago, don't know if it's true though.

                        I won't be surprised if certain renowned designers come with this sort of prejudices, even so i think most would keep about it so as not to affect their business. So they wouldn't be open about it. The use of Asians and Blacks in his ads, i guess is just a diplomatic way to appease the masses that it's not true. But once he opened his mouth about that comment snowny mentioned, it simply revealed what he truly felt. I mean why would people come up with this sort of rumors out of nowhere, whereas we don't hear of this about other designers?

                        Quite sad if it were true though, his design are quite nice.


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                          Originally posted by neko
                          I know abt this fact many years ago and that's the reason why he never use any models from real black or Asian people... he is v racist.

                          Tommy Hilfinger was one of the FIRST people to insist on using blacks and Asians in his models.

                          If you're among the truly diligent, you'll eventually come across the best resource of all, and certainly the one those "in the know" would have checked out first: the Urban Legends Reference Pages.

                          Type "hilfiger" into the handy search box there and you'll be treated to "Tommy Rot," Barbara Mikkelson's well-researched article debunking the pernicious rumor. She explains how essentially the same story haunted designer Liz Claiborne for many years before it became attached to Tommy Hilfiger. You'll come away with a bit of historical perspective, and the truth.

                          You might also consider visiting Oprah Winfrey's own site to see what she has to say. Turns out she did a special segment during her January 11, 1999 show specifically to put this lie to rest. "Mr. Hilfiger has never appeared on the show," reads the synopsis. "In fact, Oprah has never even met him

                          Hilfiger's being cast as a racist villain is especially unfortunate because his history as a designer shows him to be anything but. Adding color and movement to everyday clothes, his designs shot into popularity fueled by enthusiastic support from the Black community which adopted his fashion statements as its own. When Snoop Doggy Dogg wore a red, white, and blue Hilfiger rugby shirt on Saturday Night Live in March 1994, the word went out: Tommygear was cool. That was the same year the National Conference of Christians and Jews bestowed its National Humanitarian Award on the young designer. In 1995 Hilfiger was named Menswear Designer of the Year by the Council of Fashion Designers of America, and from there he's gone nowhere but up.


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                            I don't think so. Then why did he make the True Star perfume for Beyonce? And his daughter's best friend isn't 100% white. IIRC, she's like half Hispanic or Latina


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                              Tommy Hilfiger => racist news thingie, I heard that a long long time ago.

                              That's why when I saw that Tommy Hilfiger was going to have a store in Singapore, I went

                              Anyway, I didn't really bother to check out the truth in the news because I am never a fan of Tommy Hilfiger even before this "controversy".