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    anyone know of any places requiring volunteers? i'm looking to do some volunteer work, but more "background" type eg: admin, paperwork, etc. am slowly working my way up, so prob no frontline stuff like fundraising and interacting for me yet..

    i have checked out the national council site, but not luck so far. hope someone has something thanx!

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    hi there, i had the same problem, the national council of social services site is totally useless even if they spend tons on the publicity coz hardly anything is updated!!!! it's really frustrating for people who are interested in volunteer work

    i've been doing my own research tho' and what i've found out is that the best way to get into volunteer work is to ask friends who do it, it's as simple as that! it's almost the only way that people rope others into volunteer work it seems

    or join a club like interact club if you are in school, or even your local community club's rotaract club - if in doubt, just call the CC, ask them to give you the person in-charge's number or ask the person to call you back and then fire your questions!

    usually these organisations don't need so much help with paperwork but if you don't want to work directly with needy people (which can be rather daunting for a newbie, i must admit coz i've gone thru' it when in school), i suggest you email organisations directly. if you are in NUS, try the uni museum - they need volunteer guides (but these were all taken up last time i checked); if you like performing arts, call arts groups, they may call you when they have a new production. thing is, these are small outfits and usually they stash your info somewhere and lose them, so try to find someone you know and just ask, it really is the easiest way to get into volunteer work


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      hi girls, how about calling them direct to ask? More efficient that way.

      Anyway, I'm doing some voluntary work myself but not the admin kind, more hands-on like donations, visits to homes, n fostering of unwanted animals.

      The Moral Home for the Disabled that I visited early this month doesnt need admin support, as there are people there constantly doing it.
      I think most homes n organisations are looking for more hands-on frontline volunteers.


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        how about SPCA?
        iirc they state in their website that they have admin positions but not sure if they still need anymore volunteers for that position.......perhaps you can check out their website at



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          suggestions for volunteering events!

          Hey girls, I need some help!!

          I'm part of a committee organising events to promote our sch's Volunteer Centre and volunteering in general. But we could use with some suggestions and feedback in organising events. i would really appreciate any input!

          we plan to request donations of clothes for hospital emergency units, since many patients have their clothes 'destroyed' and soiled, especially homeless people.
          - What would make you donate your clothes? what kind of message would make the most impact?

          we're hoping to organise an end-of-term party to create a sense of community amongst the volunteers. It's going to be a picnic in a park.
          - What would attract you to attend such a party, if you're already a volunteer or if you're not?
          - What kind of activities would be most popular? We're thinking of Ultimate Frisbee, football...

          to encourage freshers to volunteer, we're planning to have a couple of one-off volunteering 'tasters' to give people a chance to experience volunteering.
          - what type of volunteering would you be most interested in? (working with children or the disabled, environmental...)

          Thanks in advance girls!!!


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            Re: suggestions for volunteering events!

            Originally posted by ataraxia
            Hey girls, I need some help!!

            I'm part of a committee organising events to promote our sch's Volunteer Centre and volunteering in general. But we could use with some suggestions and feedback in organising events. i would really appreciate any input!
            Thanks in advance girls!!!

            Here's my comments
            - Under any circumstances, if ever a need I would donate my clothes to the homeless. That's provided I have the clothings to donate. Otherwise, will ask ard from my frens or relatives. I think the main message is to raise the awareness of reaching out to the poor and the homeless. Increase e awareness as most people are really living in their comfort zone and some r too bz to even to think about the lower class.

            -Personally, I think any activity that helps to promote volunteerism is good. To further enhance the community, u guys can organize short trips?? or a hiking or adventurours activites to promote unity and teamwork? to get to know each one beter? For me, I dun really like a party...

            If a party is necessary, i think volleyball is nice

            - I love working with children. I'm a volunteer with Singapore Children Society
            - Elderly is also fine but sadly my dialect isn't too gd. Communication wise, I'm at a disadvantage

            Hope it helps!


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              as a rule of thumb, i believe you should not overwhelm them.
              esp the freshies. If the exposure is something too intense, it may totally deter them.
              i would think underprivilleged/homeless children would be a safer bet compared to disabled children and old folks.they are not too much different from you and I. this makes for a higher acceptance rate


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                actually i think most people would love to volunteer but they are afraid they cant make the commitment to go down every week to do it, so maybe you can have flexible schemes in place for those inclined

                also support for volunteers is very important, especially newbies, so let them know of the support structure in place and who they can turn to if they need help, this is also one way to retain them

                as for the get-together, i think something light hearted will be good, perhaps something like games where they can get to know one another and good food!!

                for me, i prefer working with children, intellectually disabled, hearing-impaired etc. have worked with various groups while i was studying

                oh yeah one last thing, you also need volunteers for admin work so people who dont feel comfortable working with the disabled etc can help out in admin work, fundraising etc


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                  i agree with lumos, a support structure is really important-you need to give them specific tasks. and help them see what the significance of their contribution is. people are more likely to come back if they think they're really helping and making a difference


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                    Volunteering Opportunities In Singapore

                    I'm interested in volunteering during my holidays back in Singapore. Unfortunately, due to the nature of my schedule, I'll only be able to volunteer for a few weeks each time. This inability to commit severely restricts my opportunities in volunteering it seems.

                    Hence, I'd really appreciate it if any of you would inform me about ad-hoc volunteering opportunities you are aware of. I would prefer working with youths and children, especially teaching and tutoring, since that's what I've had most experience in. Alternatively, I'll also be interested in events management, publicity, marketing, and even writing! The 'causes' I'm especially passionate about are disadvantaged youths, women's issues, improving racial relations in Singapore and the detriments of the income-inequality in Singapore.

                    Anyone who's aware of any organizations that need the (pathetic) skills I can volunteer or just a pair of hands, please tell!

                    Hopefully this thread can also help promote volunteering amongst cotters Let's take a break from self-indulgent shopping and pampering once in a while to do our part for the less fortunate!


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                      Singaprore museums (art, history and asian civilisation) always require a helping hand.

                      You have to call up National Heritage Board to email you some forms to sign up. From what i've heard, they offer pretty good flexibility and there's plenty of 'job' variety.

                      Personally I always wanted to try that out but unfortunately my work schedule is too tight for me to commit. Do let me know if you had fun!


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                        Xue, you may want to browse through these websites?





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                          thanks girls!! Right now I'm looking at AWARE and hoping they have something for me.


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                            I'm on NVPC mailing list, and get volunteer opportunities whenever any organizations need help

                            As I'm more interested in the Arts scene, I tend to help out in these areas. It's great!


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                              breast cancer foundation

                              i volunteer with the <b>breast cancer foundation</b> on ad-hoc basis... only started this october during their annual fund-raising / awareness drive. went around selling bcf pins and took pledge cards to raise funds etc.

                              check out their activities on
                              i'm sure all innovative fund-raising ideas and support activities are welcomed.

                              - crazygirl