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Stye anyone?

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  • Stye anyone?

    Anyone here are prone to stye??

    I really hate it when i started to get it after i give birth to my #2. The first time i had it, i got it in my both eyes!

    Just noticed another small one on my left eye now. arghhh!!!

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    ME! im still recovering from one. the doctors at SNEC are quite useless and i felt so cheated during my first visit. the nurse was teaching my how to clean my lids properly, saying the cleanser is $10 but i can mix my own using J&J with water. then i agreed to the $10 since its less of a hassle. then it turns out that opening that bottle is $10 but i dont get to bring it home ! so the whole lesson cost me $10 and nothing i already dont know! the subsequent visits were also wasting my money, doctor just look look touch touch and say my lids are still dirty and to clean it more often. now i guess i know why all doctors can manage to get huge bungalows and classy cars!!!


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      i get styes pretty often as well... had to go for operation to remove them about twice each eye already.

      really hate it when it get it. i find that antibiotic treatment for styes really early help them heal. i only cut them out if they get really big and noticeable.

      i have tried all types of antibiotics..

      the best bet i feel is the antibiotic by pfizer and another one which i bought from thailand by alcon.. it's called tobramycin if i am not wrong. eye antibiotics can be bought off the shelf in thailand.

      i have not been to SNEC before so cannot comment on the doctors there. i have been to sgh, nuh and mount elizabeth.

      they all seem rather professional to me and didn't ask me to go for follow up visits .but, it may be because i always am either a polyclinic referral or an insurance patient.

      i use lid care by ciba vision to clean my eyes everyday though and i find it helps...anyway, if anyone needs more info, can always PM me..


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        That was this period of time, I got styes continuously for almost 6 months! That was the most terrible 6 months of my life. On one occassion, my eye ballooned up to almost the size of a ping pong ball and I saw all the pus inside but I can't get them out!
        I visited SNEC more than 7 times just to get an incision done for the styes. I got serveral different antibiotics as well and even the strongest one (cost $5 per pill) couldn't stop the styes too.
        I have been using Blephagel to clean my eyes daily since then. Cost around $15 and can be found in major pharmacies.


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          what is the cause?


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            Originally posted by Dozalot
            what is the cause?
            for me, its infection due to the lashes. partly because of my double eyelids and my eyelids being dirty~ or so the doctors say. but im quite strict with my facial care regime. but i do have oily eyelids .


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              Due to infections most of the time, at the eyelash follicles or when using contact lenses.


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                Originally posted by artichoke
                Due to infections most of the time, at the eyelash follicles or when using contact lenses.
                actually how does the use of contact lenses cause styes?


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                  i used to get this pretty often, probably due to the fact i always rub my eyes. used to get really bad ones where i will swell up and the pus will be stuck in it forever, will obsess about squeezing out the pus.

                  my hubby taught me to do this... as long as you can feel one coming (those who have experienced before should be able to feel it), and can see a slight bump, use a hot compress (just a hot CLEAN towel) on the spot. this will help open it up and release the pus.

                  i've been doing this and it always prevents it from getting bigger and developing into a really ugly stye. Hths!


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                    here's a traditional view..
                    my friend visited a chinese physician instead and apparently it was due to "heatiness" and he prescribed some "cooling" herbs.. it kinda worked as the stye disappeared overnight..


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                      wow, and i thought i was the only abnormal 1 who gets styes all the time. but mine are usually small 1s that heal in a few days, so i guess i'm still quite lucky. whenever i feel 1 coming, i'll try to get more sleep. it helps.


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                        me too, and i *** i was the oni one who always have this prob. both my eye had gone thur countless of operation too. but *touch wood* it stop since i started applying mascara. maybe becos of the daily cleaning off the mascara n cleansing of the eyelid. it cleans off the dirt on my lashes as well, maybe tats y styes seldom comes to me now. *touch wood touch wood*. really hope it dun comes after this post. haha

                        i agree with wanderlust's method. when u sense it coming, use a warm towel to cover over it to soften the pus n squeeze it out, sumtimes it will be gone by itself.