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Thank-you gift for boss?

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  • Thank-you gift for boss?

    I just received my annual bonus, and it's a bumper bonus as compared to previous years. I feel that it's the culmination of my hard work for the year, and that I deserve it. However, some of my colleagues buy gifts / lunch / dinner for my boss as a way of 'thanking' her for the bonus. Should I do likewise and get her a small gift?

    Question: Do you buy anything for your superior / boss when you've been awarded a good bonus?

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    Hmm.. I didn't know that there's such kind of practice.

    If your boss is the one who decide on the "amt" of bonus you get.. maybe you should get her a small gift as well since your colleagues are all doing it?

    But if its me.. since christmas is round the corner.. why not just get her something "pricer" as a christmas gift? not so obvious ya? hehe.. just a suggestion


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      Yeah, my older colleagues excel in such PR stuff. One even offered to buy my boss lunch when she left the company!

      I already bought my boss a gift for X'mas, because it's a tradition in my company to exchange gifts.

      I guess I'll buy her a small box of chocolates as a small gesture then. Thanks!


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        does your boss own the company? if he's just another salary-taker like you, i doubt it's necessary to specially buy a gift for him.

        In my previous company, my colleague called my superior "Lao Ban", which i don't know why cos he obviously don't own the company. Maybe another boot-licking technique which i can't quiet master.

        Well, i think if you really must buy a gift, buy for everyone in your dept.

        Lastly, congrats to your generous bonus.


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          Hi creepcake! Perhaps you can buy your boss lunch as a gesture? I bought my boss lunch at a Italian restaurant after getting a good bonus. After all, the boss is usually the one who puts up the recommendation for bonuses.


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            My boss has been good to me too and on the bonus thing, she has been fighting hard for me. I am thinking of getting something personal for her, like hand cream or something but totally not sure what scent she likes. Maybe I will try Marks & Spencer.


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              congrats citrella!

              I agree with you that buying a gift is more personal as compared to buying lunch. Look into details like what your boss likes to use, the brands she favours, her lifestyle and personality instead of getting something that is very general. I used to have a boss who loves jewellery and I got her a nice jewellery closet to keep her lovely jewelleries. It made her day and she thanked me for my thoughtfulness as she was looking for a nice jewellery box to store her collection.


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                sorry for digging out this topic..

                I would like to buy a gift for my boss (male) cause im leaving the company.. All along he has been treating me quite good..

                been thinking of getting him a pen. Any nice brand or company that sells pen for bosses?
                my budget is only $50.

                thanks! =)


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                  Parker or Waterman.
                  They have nice gift sets that comes in nice box too.


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                    thanks pinkdewy!

                    May I know where can i get them? Normal popular?

                    Thanks again!


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                      You can try Tangs.


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                        Thanks Mintymin! I'll go Tangs and take a look tommorrow!


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                          How abt gifts for female boss and closer female colleagues?? I am leaving my co. next week, so thought of getting a gift for my boss and closer female colleagues as they treat me pretty well in here. suggestions please?


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                            hmm cos she treat me very good when i was in the company, treat me like a friend not like boss relationship kind. so i thought it would be nice if i can get her something