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    Has anyone been to The Balcony at Heerens? The ambience seems really nice! How's the menu and pricing? Hope to try it soon!

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    Believe me, it took me 3 whole mins to control my utter digust & anger whenever "The Balcony" is mentioned to me.

    I will give off the ratings first, to spare those poor souls from my at that F**King place.

    Ambience: 7.5/10 (I will give 8 if the lightings were more dim. Definetly a romantic place to dine with your bf/ husband. A great chill out place at the 2nd floor with your pals!)

    Pricing: 8/10 (Easily afforable, BUT NOTE!!! Their main course serving is pathetic. Unless you are a girl going through a shoe- string diet. Eg: Coffee Club pricing but 1/3 of the serving.)

    Menu: 8/10 (A wonderful selection of dishes available, that is provided that most of the items were available. 80% of whatever my friends & I oredered were not available.)

    Service: -10/10 (Read up the full story at the below post)

    Overall Verdict: A romantic place with swings & rocking chair. I would not advised family with kids to go there, unless you can keep an eye on them 60 sec/ min. It is a pity that the restuarant scores highly on everything EXCEPT THEIR SERVICE. If you are really dying to try it out, please go ahead. I will only visit them 3 months later. That is because that time when i visited them, it was their 1st week in operation.


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      Summary of "that fateful day"

      8:40 pm - Met friends at "The Balcony"

      9.00 pm- Going through the entire menu because 80% of what we ordered is not available. That is 3 out of their 5 main courses are not available. My beer arrived fast.

      9.20 pm - Food have not arrived. 3 of us entertained ourselves by smoking & chit chatting. Noticed that the lower deck diners were cranning their necks for the servers. We ask for the servers 3 times. Guess what?!?! They ignored us!!!

      Still no sign of food. Grab the waiter and ask him to help us check order because we waited for almost an hr. Waiter place cultery & plain water for us. Out of 4 dishes, only 2 arrived. That is salad & pan fried fish.

      9.30 pm - The serving is so pathetic that 3 of us wolf down the food within a few mins. Still no signs of oyster shooter & alio oglio spag. Grab another waiter to ask him to help us check order.

      The waiter actually used a what- is- your- problem attitude "I have been explaining all night. Tonight we are very busy so you wil have to wait for at least 30 mins for your food." When we told him we actually waited for an hr, he told us "Wait for 3 mins, I am checking" Oyster shooter arrived but not the pasta.

      My friend is so pissed off, she told the same waiter we are cancelling order. He simply say
      "Your order out already!" Oh my god! He actually got the guts to simply place the pasta on our table! Implying we must eat it! And to make matter worse, it is a freaking wrong order!

      9.40 pm - Completely ruined our mood! Ask for the manager to feedback on the atcrious attitude of the whole serving staff.

      10.00 pm - Manager simply vanished into thin air.Cannot see her around. All the serving staff simply ignored us or walk away. We were so that we say to the cashier "we want to SEE YOUR MANAGER if not we will NOT PAY!"

      Manager appeared in front of us. But she simply nods her head & say sorry even before we say anything. We ignored her & asked for another manager. This time, a plump middle aged guy came & handle our complian in a proffesional manner.

      He apologrise & even wrote off the bill. It was because of him that i am giving The Balcony another chance. A pity that the restuarant is going to lose their business in this manner.

      Maybe other cotters had different experience, if you have please write about it! peace...


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        Goodness..what a horrid experience.
        i initally wanted to support Balcony since its home grown



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          This is really bad service! And we have to pay 10% service charge for this kind of service!


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            bad, very bad...


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              OMG, i am actually intending to try out that place today. With this review, I am seriously having second thoughts.


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                Seemed to have conflicting resevations policy. Went there without making reservations on a Saturday evening (around 5+pm). They said it is full though there were many empty tables, said they were all reserved and we need to make reservations next time. Fine, we asked for their business card....they ran out of it, and gave us their number in slips of paper.

                Decided to try again a few days later, my friend called to make reservations for a Wednesday night. They said no reservations allowed. I checked with my colleague and she said same thing happened to her friends who called for reservations. Anyway, my friend went early, so got a table.

                There is a jacuzzi on the upper deck, and apparently everything is provided, from swimsuits to towels. My colleague had a fantastic time then. She said service was excellent. So maybe it depends on when you go and who the server is.

                I only found the place alright. Nice ambience, nice place to chill. Service was ok. Food was alright, nothing fancy. Prices were average.


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                  jacuzzi on the upper deck??? Do we have to pay for that service?


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                    hi^5, we encountered almost same thing with balcony.. i thought waitin for 45mins for the food was already hell, but yours more than an hr.omg!!...and true enough, alot of menus were not available..i ordered a pasta only but its out of stock.. cutlery and water were not served till we ushered for them..and i guess the female manager you mentioned is that petite ang moh..she simply cant do anything except a faint 'sorry'..we told her we were leaving since they only informed us 45 mins later that another same dish we ordered were not available (when the first dish was served) ...and she just took the dish away without even waiting for us to walk out of the restaurant! what a FU attitude..pui!
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                      Originally posted by JS
                      jacuzzi on the upper deck??? Do we have to pay for that service?
                      Not sure, but I think it's free. It's right in the middle of the upper deck, and people can have their drinks by sitting on the bar stools around it, IIRC.


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                        oh dear.. my best friend and i were planning to check it out next week... now having second thoughts.. but i guess it'd be good to find out what kinda place it is, yeah?

                        can someone enlighten me if the entry is free? if not, how much is it?



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                          Carolynn, I too had the same confliction reservations policy. A few weeks back I made a reservation and it was okay but then this week round, tried to make a reservation and now they said it is not allowed?

                          I think now their service is getting bad!
                          When it first opened, the service was really fantastic and the margarita was superb!

                          After 2nd and third time goings , my margarita which is like served like a slurpee now have ice cubes in it I dont think I would ever want to support them for a long long time!


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                            Michelle, I don't think I will want to go back there in a long while. Food ain't that fantastic, only thing they got going for them is the rocking chairs and swings. My colleague said it can get really warm on the upper deck.

                            Maybe the owners are busy with MOS opening, so they are not focusing on the service at balcony now.


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                              Yeah I have to agree with you Carolynn! I can't wait for MOS to open ! I also find Balcony's music is played too loud on the upper deck. Quite a terror though!
                              I didnt really try the food but hearing from your comments , I think I have to steer clear!