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Lost in a Fabulous world...HELP

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  • Lost in a Fabulous world...HELP

    Hey Sexy Bets!

    I'm 17 years old, trying to become a lady, with no one to help me get there.

    Help me take that first step!

    Do you have any suggestions on what the first step is? Because I don't? Cleanliness?

    I feel hopeless...

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    Mangomilk, welcome to Cozycot
    your post has been removed because it's not related to the cozyplay. Kindly read the description of threads before you post in.
    enjoy your stay in CC!


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      Hello Mangomilk! no expert at being lady-like cos im quite a Tom....but I think the first steps for becoming a lady is presentation...always look well groomed & clean (except for weekends ) - have a nice hair cut that suits you well and start wearing some simple don't need much at all because you are still young, just some lip gloss and mascara will do and also, tidy eye brows are important to complete your presentation. Also, the best trick to looking lady like is wearing heels, doesn't have to be high heels- just any heels with instantly make you feel & look more lady! Hope that helps!


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        out of curiousity..
        why u wanna grow up so fast?..
        me old auntie here wishing can still be sweet 17

        yup.. over the years, i realised that my clothes and accessories change..
        and i am becoming more vain, taking care of my appearance..
        using more products on my face and dressing up more..
        i used to be super slack in my dressing...

        but besides the clothes and accessories,
        how you carry yourself is also important..
        how you talk, how you walk, how you eat, how you sit, how you stand, how you gesture...
        all these play a part in protraying the image of a demure sophisticated lady..


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          Hi mangomilk..welcome to cozycot.

          Hmm at first i was like when i first read yr post, but after the last few posts it made more sense to me.

          Just wondering, what/why the sudden rush in wanting to change yr look? Met someone u'd like to impress? hehe, just joking.

          May not be the best person to give u tips, as I don't think I'm the most well-groomed around. Still way behind most of my peers probably in terms of my make up skills.. tho i started young but kinda lost the interest midway somehow.

          If u ask me, growing up (esp during the 17-20yrs) is a gradual yet exciting process, when many changes might just take place, in terms of appearance. No rush, flip thru beauty & fashion magazines habitually for tips and experiment with different looks. And eventually come to decide what suits u best, with feedback from people around as well. I used to be really nerdy looking back then, with plastic framed specs and all.. but gradually, i am pretty contented how i look now.


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            hi.. at your age.. i'm still a super geeky girl.. haha.. anyway, i guess for me reading fashion magazines like CLEO really helped me through it all.. My mum's nvr a fashion girl so i relyed on fashion magazines..


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              read up on magazines like Seventeen, Cleo and etc. They have great tips!