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  • Working Overseas? Roll your name.

    Tried searching but couldn't find any relevant. So here it goes. Mod, if there is one.. please help to merge.. and i am so sorry my searching skills sucks.

    1. Nalgene (Sydney)
    Going next Feb

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    are u going for permanent work?


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      have a initial 6 months probation period. if i get through that i will be offer a 4 years working visa...

      u going too?


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        all for the best, Nat
        I will be there in Feb 07 for my friend's wedding.
        We must meet up, ok? I can help you CP cosmetic from here


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          really hope i can get an overseas job too!


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            Yo.. CP sounds good..
            but i hasn't gotten any news on the date i am going... so most likely will be going in end Feb. We can met in Singapore at the time being. after March if you drop by must definitely meet up..


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              So the company sponser u to work there?

              I think its hard to find sponser.. U must be lucky..


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                yup.. frankly this is a very good deal.. so till now still feels like dreaming.

                but the suspense is killing everyone..


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                  How did u apply for the job and how did u get to know about the opening?

                  I'm thinking of finding a job in Syd too. But I heard from my friend the PR quota has been filled up in Syd..

                  without PR, its difficult to find a job.


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                    it is a local company with business there thus sending us over. I got to know the job through local online jobs search.

                    you can try finding job online at but the job opening are usually for aussie/ pr.
                    think another easier way is to find a company that has operation there and then ask for an internal transfer.

                    good luck


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                      WORKING OVERSEAS anyone?

                      Hi cotters, yes im at work now and the weather isnt helping me to stay focus..
                      anyway,has this thought for the longest time and would love to hear from everyone here. always wanted to venture overseas for work..for living..watever when im still young and has the energy of a bull. Sg is a great place to live and work im sure and i would even reckon no where else can be comparable..but somewhere, the thoughts of relocating and venturing overseas to wrk for a couple of years excite the hell outta me. beats me, perhaps im too coop up in my comfort zone here, i do hav a rather good paying job now and everything is going pretty well for me but its that bug in me thats dying to get out as ironic as i may sound.

                      anyone feel the same? anyone has taken the plunge? appreciate any experience shared.


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                        I don't know if it's this 'Singaporean mentality of pasture is always greener on the other side', I do so very much want to go overseas.

                        Was tempted to apply for au-pair (nanny job overseas) when I was younger but nowadays, have to be more practical...need to earn more money...


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                          Depends on what job opportunities you have available to you. If you're happy to just do casual work I think there are youth work exchange programs that does it for the US and European countries. Not sure about Australia. Having lived in Singapore and Australia I must say that while I miss the bustle of Asia, I do think Australia is a great place to live. Then again I've been here for a long time and I was trained here as well. The work ethics of Asia don't quite sit well with me. I believe people should work to live, not live to work. Most of my ex-classmates agree, and nearly all of us have returned to our respective countries and still come to the same conclusion.


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                            I'm hoping to venture out of singapore as well, maybe get a job that requires one to travel. I still love singapore, just that I need to get a breather at times and we all need to gain more exposure to the outside world, have a feel of what it's like out there. It's like been there done that kind of spirit, not a frog in a well

                            That's why I'm going for a US work n travel summer program next year, will be going for a few months


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                              i have been thinking of working overseas too.. but how do we go about it? like join a MNC so that we can request to go overseas to work or straight away apply for overseas job on our own?

                              alphie, what is the US work n travel summer program you mentioned? is it from your company or you looked for it on your own? thanx..