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Value of Project Management skills/experience

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  • Value of Project Management skills/experience

    Hi gals,

    I wanna find out how relevant is project management skills/experience? Just entered the workforce, so I am quite uncertain how valuable or useful such experience can bring me through.

    Many of u are well experience, so i am counting on u to give me accurate and realistic opinion

    The definition of project management will be to deliver projects to customer's requirement and in the process, will negotiate with suppliers, source for suppliers if necc, find out what customers wants, make sure customers are well-trained in it, logistics, budeting. Depending on the scale of project, it can be a big team work or many teams forming a gigantic team..


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    For some profession, PM is it. They rely on PM as part of their job e.g. IT professionals. It's always good to pick up good experience in this area. If you can afford it, there is a good course for it as well. Just cannot recall the name now.

    Even if PM is not part of your job, the components are useful too. E.g. evaluation, budgeting/negotation.
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      Part of my job is project management also. It includes knowing what your client wants. At the same time, work within your company's resources. Liase with different department to get the project done also. I like it pretty much as I feel I owns the project, seeing it from nothing to a completed project.