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Registering the Birth Cert

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  • Registering the Birth Cert

    How to register the name of baby?
    1) Lee En Lauren 李恩
    2) Lee Lauren (Li En) 李恩
    3) Lauren Lee En 李恩
    4) Lauren Lee (Li En) 李恩
    5) Lauren En Lee 李恩

    Also do we have to write the name on the birth cert itself or it is computerised?


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    For ds we registered his christian name after the surname & chinese name.

    For dd, it's the christian name first followed by surname & chinese name.

    It doesn't really make any difference to me.

    English name is computer printed and chinese name is handwritten.


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      what's the surname? Lee? I would go for Lauren Lee En. It's really up to you. Normally they would said the Christian name or surname comes first.

      You will only have to write the chinese charactors on the BC... the best is you can use computer print out the chinese charactors and paste it on the BC, that's another way (if you cannot write well in chinese).


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        I don't think it makes a difference whether the choosen English name come before or after.

        I would choose:
        1) Lee En Lauren
        3) Lauren Lee En
        4) Lauren Lee (Li En)
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          Personally, I like no 3. Lauren Lee En but daddy thinks that the surname should be in front...

          Btw, I remember reading somewhere that we can do a stamp chop of the name so that we do not have to write the name on the birth cert, just stamp on it will do, any ideas? Cos hubby's chinese handwriting is....., don't want to risk writing the wrong characters.

          Any other suggestions, if not I think pre-print and paste will be best.


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            I think the surname should come first? Think that's something common for Singaporeans and at least in the future, people don't get mix up on which is the surname and which is not since your child only has 2 characters for her name.

            I'll go for Lee En Lauren. But daddy and mommy must be comfortable with it first ok?


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              Artichoke, you have the exact sentiments as my hubby! keke


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                Personally I'd go for Lee En Lauren. It sounds more appropriate (and my name is registered that way too!)


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                  Went to carrefour and saw a counter selling customised stickers where we can choose the fonts and words, name etc ourselves. Was thinking of printing the chinese name on the sticker then just tear and paste during registeration, wonder if its appropriate?


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                    No it is not appropriate, they want you to write on the BC so you or someone else must write on the BC otherwise I think a print will do also.